Jackson Pollock Ethan Barlett

Was born in Cody, Wyoming, in 1912. Was the youngest son. Moved to San Diego when he was 10 months old and would never return. He enrolled at LA's Manual Arts High School, from which he was expelled, He had already been expelled in 1928 from high school. He might have had bipolar disorder. Died at 44 in an alcohol related car accident.

He was famous for his painting style of drip painting. he was a major artist for his generation. Struggled with alcoholism most of his life. In 1956 TIME magazine dubbed him 'Jack the Dripper', because of his painting style

evelyn toynton
Move It
The Crucified Walter

1. my artwork was made to look nice and make you feel happy 2. I splattered paint everywhere and I had to clean it up 3. No big idea just good looking art 4. My goal was to get an A 5. It looks nice and has a great texture

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