In this digital age college campuses across the world are integrating technology more and more into the classroom. Universities invest millions of dollars into in class technology such as smartboards, however some of the most important technology universities use are the websites and applications that students use on a daily basis. As a student at Washington State university I have first hand experience using these various platforms. A major benefit these new technologies bring is connecting students and teachers as well as the entire university as a whole.

Student Email

When discussing digital technology and the internet an important subject is email. Email was one of the earliest forms of digital communication and still is vital in many ways. Email is an important tool for staying in contact and up to date with personal and professional information. Professors at WSU use email to communicate important information to their students. For example changes in schedule or class location. Teachers also can send reminders about possible project deadlines or important dates. Teachers who use the blackboard system that will be discussed later also can send automated reminders about online assignments. Additionally students can use their university email to contact their teacher and ask questions, schedule meetings or submit assignments. below are examples of emails a WSU student may receive from their professors.

Students are also contacted about information from departments that may be relevant to their majors. Personal advisers primarily send emails regarding class scheduling but also inform students about events such as networking opportunities and workshops.


MY.WSU is a university website that is only accessible to the staff and students of WSU. The website features links to calender's, campus information, and other student services. Almost anything a student may need is accessible through this website Through the MY.WSU website students can view university notifications such finances, and important dates. The website also allows students to manage payments, and loans as well as track and modify your classes. below is an example of how the websites interface would look like to a WSU student.

WSU Blackboard

Washington state university uses blackboard for many of their classes. while some teachers will use their own personal website for more content, all classes will appear on a students blackboard homepage. Teachers use blackboard to post content for their students like their syllabus, class readings, and lecture notes. Blackboard also can be used to submit and grade assignments. It also includes features that allows teachers to comment on assignments that can be seen by students. The goal of blackboard is to ease interaction between students and teachers by creating an interface that is user friendly for both sides.

Social Media

Washington state university uses a variety of social media accounts to communicate to their students. some accounts are broad relating to the entire university, while others are more specific to certain academic or interest groups on campus. The universities main website include links to different social media accounts students may find interesting, you you can see an example of this below and linked here.

The main forms of social media used by Washington State University are twitter, instagram, facebook, and linked in. Accounts with more professional content for example the carson college of business typically use facebook or linked in. Whereas less profesional accounts like university athletics mainly use instagram and twitter. The use of multiple accounts through multiple platforms allows the university to reach the broadest audience possible to communicate through social media.

Through the use of these technologies universities are connecting with their students in new and unique ways. At Washington state university these methods are effectively connecting students and the university and easing communication. With the effectiveness of technology in education I believe this trend will continue as we will see technology become more and more important in how universities communicate with their students.

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