Tour of the Harn Museum xiao zhang - university of florida

When I saw the artwork in person helped me better understand and better appreciate the work because I can observe and admire the artwork from 360 degrees around and appreciate the art by it's accurate shapes, colors, values and also the messages that artists are trying to deliver to the people, and when you are surrounding by the arts in a place, it actually stimulated my visual senses and changed my originally view of the arts. The medium and the technique of the artist that I found so striking is flowers and Vases that's made out of glasses, which is called " American Art Glass". Seeing it in person helped me better understand the art by fully observing the color pattern and shapes which I believe representing the true beauty. Artist have used several "comfortable colors" such as purple and light yellow that make me thinking about a person should be beautiful inside out, just like flowers and vases, they are usually combined and what's most important is a kind heart just like beautiful flowers. This is so striking to me because of its color used and the glasses are so clean that seems like artist have spend long period of time to express his/her passion about the beauty, it is very colorful and matching patterns, I really loves flowers and I believe this colorful art have makes me feel calm and wants to be better person inside out.

The exhibit of the museum that is particularly appealing to me is the session where they display all kinds of "China" and refined products of traditional Chinese cultural. These arts are all organized and displayed on cupboards, in a light and spacious room with a exquisite sofa in the middle. The room is extremely clean and lights are very comfortable, and it is particularly appealing to me because of its lightning and the designs; color; shapes of the art work are so pretty and attractive to me, seems like every design of the art work is telling a beautiful story, also the arrangement of the art and place are so perfect for one's to enjoy and I literally wants to spend my whole day here. This exhibit makes me feel like back home, it brings me the warmth feeling and I feel really comfortable staying here and observe all the art works. This place definitely a Heaven to me!

This art work really appeals to one of my most important value in life, "Family", This big house is drawn with many bright colors like red, blue, green, orange... I felt warmth when I first saw this painting maybe because of the color effect and the whole white background makes me feel relaxed and a feeling of safe shelter. I believe this art highlights the importance of family, everything happens are part of the family, even sad or tough experiences makes us a family, that we always stay together as "one" . Also, I believe this big house representing a haven, no matter what have you being through, the family is always there for you regardless of if you're wealth or poor, I feel loved and miss my family members back it China, even thought we are half earth distance away, we are all under this big house, and be there for everyone no matter which corner we are on this big earth. It help me understand the importance and power of a family.

I believe that this art have represented each one's brain, is colorful, creative, and different, One of the good life theme talks about how society have changed people's decisions and confidence, and might leads to some dangerous actions such as plastic surgery and suicide, In my opinion, this art delivered an message that world is full of different people with different ideas, so as our brain, we don't have to change because of somebody else's opinion, or this art will be just one color and boring, world is more beautiful with all different kinds of people, you don't have changed yourself because of the "fake perfection" pictures on social media or what your parents wants you to be, we are all different, smart and have our own value of good life that makes this world beautiful and unique.We should love who we are and think that we have values in the society and we can make someone else's life better by standing, sticking together towards better society.

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