Learning Objective #6

Overview: A couple of weeks ago in class we took part in an activity that was aimed to help articulate the values we hold dearly to ourselves. The values varied from person to person, but they all helped out lined short, and long term goals of ours.

My Top 10 values:

After sorting through a large amount of values, I realized there were many values that were important to me, but I eventually found ten that I value the most. The ten values that I value the most are, Family, Pleasure, Inner Peace, God's Will, Adventure, Purpose, Fun, Honesty, Loved, Wealth, and Friendship. All of these values are important to me because they are all different kinds of values, and they make up the internal, external, and religious values that I hold closest.

My Top 5 Values:

It was pretty challenging to narrow down my top ten values to my top five because they all meant so much to me. One value that was very difficult to discard was honesty because I have learned over the years that a man is only as good as his word. However, my top five highest values were Inner Peace, Family, Wealth, Friendship, and God's will. I believe that these five values are the values that will determine if I am successful and content with my life. I believe that If I am at peace with my self, wealthy, close with my family and my friends, and close with the big man upstairs that I will be able to live a joyful life with very few worries.

My number 1 Value:

Narrowing my five most important values to my most important value, inner peace, was easily the most difficult part about this process. During this process I realized a good bit about myself. I realized that there are many things and many values that I want to have in life, but I will not be able to have them if I am not at peace with myself. This is the case because if I am not at peace with myself, how will I be at peace with my family, friends, and god? The answer is I simply won't. I can't be at peace with the world, and help make the world a better place, until I am at peace with myself. That is why inner peace is most important value

My Top Five Values and each's action Plan:

Wealth. One of my long term goals this semester was to make above a 3.0. This goals connects with wealth because if I do not have a good GPA, it will be harder for me to get a good job. Therefore, If I do not have a good job, I will not have a steady flow of income to provide for myself and my family. That is why having a high GPA is a goal of mine.

Family. As I previously stated one of my goals is to make a high GPA. This ties in with my family because I want to make them happy. Since my parents are paying my tuition, I feel that is important to make good grades to honor that, I just don't want to go to school to do poorly and waste their money.

Friendship. Another goal of mine this year was to branch out and join a few clubs. I have joined one club, the fly fishing club, and have really enjoyed it. This relates to my value of friendship because I have met a lot of awesome people through this club and have established some great connections. I have made stronger friendships through the club than I have all semester.

Inner Peace. A short term goal of mine earlier in the semester was to get back into shape. Earlier in the semester I was quite lazy and felt the effects of that. It bothered me because In High School, I played a lot of sports and was in great shape, and I could not stand being in shape no where near those days. Therefore, when I started working out on a consistent basis, it helped me achieve inner peace because it reduced my amount of stress.


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