Do You Have a Fundraising Coach? Why it's Wise to Have a Guide for Your Fundraising Journey

Fundraising can be scary. This is especially true when you are trying something new, working with a fresh team, or faced with a budget deficit that seems impossible to fill. This is why it is wise to have a coach/mentor/fundraising guru to guide you on your journey to raise donations. When you team up with Get Movin' , you get access to our online system and your very own coach who is there as much or as little as you need.

Personal Event Coaches are fundraising experts that guide you each step of the way during your fundraiser.

Your Personal Event Coach (PEC) is available via phone, text, or email to help strategize your budget goals, brainstorm your best incentive options, offer advice on promotions, and steer you away from any fundraising pitfalls so you can maximize your success.

I love seeing the impact we have on schools. Not only is it great helping schools raise more money then ever before and keep the majority. It is so rewarding to see school communities come together to enjoy a fun event and celebrate their efforts. - Becca Tibus, Personal Event Coach
A Personal Event Coach is a mentor, idea generator, fundraising flaw spotter, motivator, and donation expert all in one.

It's never wise to jump into unknown territory without the tools and the guide to get you through.

Tools can range from online solutions like our donation database to social sharing tools like those featured on our Student Fundraising Webpages. While these resources give you an amazing advantage when it comes to bringing in donations, sometimes you also want to have an expert in your back pocket to help you along the way. That's where a Personal Event Coach comes into play.

They've Been in Your Shoes... and the shoes of hundreds of parent group Leaders seeking to raise & keep more.

We relate to our clients and know exactly what you want to achieve, because we've been there!

Your Personal Event Coach knows...

  • Volunteer work and the struggles that go with it
  • The pressure put on PTO/PTA groups to raise BIG funds
  • What parents need to get engaged with a fundraiser & bring in donations (hint: it's online tools)
  • How to present your fundraising ideas to staff and teachers

They help you meet goals and avoid missteps.

Your Personal Event Coach makes it their priority to keep you on track during your fundraiser. They know that if you have a donation goal of $50,000 then you need to strive to hit $35,000 by the day of your event.

Not only does your PEC know the donation percentages that need to be reached throughout your fundraiser, but they also strategize with you the best ways to reach those milestones.

Coaches are also very helpful in pointing out common fundraising mistakes that you may be making. Remember, our PECs have been doing this for years and they are witness to both the missteps and the methods that work!

They are Bursting With Ideas.

Personal Event Coaches are strategizers, dreamers, out-of-the-box idea machines that can work with you to give your school not just a fundraiser, but an event that students look forward to every year.

Your PEC can help brainstorm...

  • Creative incentive ideas
  • Unique fundraising themes
  • Fresh methods to engage teachers, staff, parents, & students
  • Ideas for fundraising kick-off videos
  • New ways to get the community & corporate sponsors involved in your fundraiser

A "No Pressure" Approach to coaching.

Personal Event Coaches practice a "no pressure" approach to fundraising guidance. You want them to be closely involved with your fundraiser? You got it! Want to use them sparingly or only when you need answers to a question? No problem.

Because we've been in your shoes, we know that the people who know your school, students, and community the best are the ones on your team. We are experts in fundraising, but you and your team are the experts on your school.

Our Goal is YOUR Goal.

Just a few of our PECs
My favorite part is when I receive a phone call or email from a chairperson telling me how excited they are! “We just reached our goal! “or “Our Principal just told us how happy she is with our results!” It’s then that I know what I’m doing is making a difference. - Brenna Pilcher, Personal Event Coach

Connect With a Personal Event Coach for Your Next Fundraiser!

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