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A joint message from the Centre Board Chair and President & CEO

Our Strategic Plan

West Park Fast Facts

Providing Exemplary Care - Glenn Kitchener Got His Life Back

A joint message from the Chief of Staff and the Chief Nursing Executive

West Park breaks ground for world-class hospital - Campus Development

Bold Partnerships - Innovation

Operational Excellence - Financial Highlights

West Park Foundation Report - Campaign takes off as hospital breaks ground

A joint message from the Centre Board Chair and President & CEO

A Milestone Year of Important Achievements

Last year was truly exciting as the fruits of our labours resulted in several significant achievements.

Accreditation Canada awarded West Park “Exemplary Standing,” following a rigorous site survey in June. The comprehensive review process provided us with the opportunity to assess ourselves against a broad range of national standards and to identify areas for continuous improvement, in keeping with our strategic priorities of exemplary care and operational excellence. The award reflects the extraordinary dedication of our medical staff, staff and volunteers to achieving excellence today and into the future.

After more than a decade of careful planning and extensive consultation, we were delighted to break ground on the new hospital development project in October. This milestone achievement towards our strategic priority to develop an integrated campus of care will bring together our deep clinical expertise, new service delivery models and specialized services in a world-class hospital facility. We are excited to see the massive construction project get underway. The new hospital will provide patients recovering from life-altering illnesses or injuries with a care setting that is connected with nature and well integrated with the natural surroundings of the Humber River Valley. It will also increase access to inpatient and outpatient services.

Under the strategic priority of bold partnerships, we recognize that our ability to deliver exemplary care also depends on forging collaborations that leverage our expertise and innovate care delivery models. Last year, West Park worked with partners across the continuum of care in west Toronto to develop a more integrated and better-coordinated approach to delivering care for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The new, integrated pathway will provide people living with COPD with better access to a range of services that they may require to manage their disease. This new model of care is expected to improve care experiences as well as health outcomes for people with COPD

Our fourth strategic priority is operational excellence, looking beyond financial stewardship to ensure that we are reaching for excellence in all aspects of the organization’s operations. We achieved our 17th consecutive surplus position despite significant growing demand for services and financial constraints. Our strong financial position is critically important to ensure we continue to meet our local share commitment for the new hospital. We are resolute in making sure we have the financial capacity to thrive, both now and in the future, by managing resources and strategic investments carefully.

We are proud that West Park has accomplished so much in the last year. We remain dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation and investments so that we are able to help more patients get their lives back in the future. Their courage and determination inspires everything we do.

Warren Law, Chair, Board of Directors

Anne-Marie Malek President and CEO

Strategic Plan

Fast Facts

Providing exemplary care

Glenn Kitchener got his Life Back

After 40 years of smoking and multiple stints of pneumonia, Glenn Kitchener realized something was wrong. He quit his 40-cigarette-a-day habit in 2009, but his pride was short-lived as he was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) the next year.

His symptoms were increasingly debilitating, and when he came to West Park in 2012, he was desperate for some way to cope. “Initially I was very frightened as this newly diagnosed disease had come on so quickly and I did not understand what was happening nor did I have the tools to deal with it,” Kitchener says.

Fast forward seven years and Kitchener’s condition has improved dramatically compared to when he first came to West Park. Although his disease gets progressively worse, since attending West Park Respiratory Day Hospital he is better equipped to challenge the ravages of the disease.

“Now I can deal with the day-to-day struggles of COPD,” Kitchener says. “The most important thing I received in the program is the education. Not just one thing, but a combination of many little things that has allowed me to live a good life and deal with this chronic disease.”

“I truly was able to ‘Get my life back’ thanks to all the wonderful people at West Park Healthcare Centre.”

A joint message from the Chief of Staff and the Chief Nursing Executive

Exemplary Care, Every Day

We are very proud that Accreditation Canada awarded West Park “Exemplary Standing,” the highest rating possible, for 2018–2022. This is our second time earning the four-year award since it was introduced in 2013. It recognizes West Park for meeting or exceeding national standards of excellence and reflects the hard work of our interdisciplinary team who demonstrated their commitment to excellence throughout the rigorous evaluation process and throughout the year to continue to be accreditation ready every day. We are also proud that the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario designated West Park as a Best Practice Spotlight Organization for the 13th year, recognizing our dedication to evidence-based practice.

These are significant achievements, but we do not rest on our laurels. Each year, we set additional goals for improvements in the Quality Improvement Plan where we measure performance against targets. In 2018–19, we made noteworthy improvements in patient care indicators. We conducted 42 consultations through the Ontario Telemedicine Network, almost double the target of 23. The percent of discharge summaries sent to primary care providers within two days remained high at 91 per cent, well within the target corridor. The length of stay efficiency indicators for hip fracture patients and stroke patients outperformed their respective targets.

In the area of patient safety, high rates of compliance with best practices for infection control continued, resulting in very low infection rates across the hospital. Last year, we improved the treatment of patients who are on antipsychotic medications, as well as implementing daily assessments for patients who are at risk for developing pressure ulcers.

Our patient engagement strategy, which involves partnering with patients and caregivers to optimize the delivery of care and to design improved programs across the hospital, reflects our commitment to delivering person-centred care. In 2018–19, we updated the visitor policy to better reflect the principles of family presence, established patient forums across specific units and implemented a robust recruitment strategy for patient-family advisors. We also engaged patients and families to identify opportunities for improving the percentage of complex continuing care patients who rate staff positively. As a result of the changes implemented, performance improved and is within target.

West Park researchers are evaluating new ways to improve the delivery of patient care. We are investigating innovative automated medication dispensing units for improving in-home medication adherence in a large study. We are instituting new ways to treat COPD patients more rapidly in outpatient settings, and spearheading exercise research to optimize care for persons with an amputation.

We support many educational and professional development initiatives to ensure that our staff members have opportunities to learn and grow and continue to provide an exceptional learning environment for medical and interprofessional trainees.

We look forward to continuing to deliver exemplary, comprehensive, evidence-based care. Our team is accreditation ready, every day.

Dr. Nora Cullen, Chief of Staff

Kim Cook, V.P. Programs & Chief Nursing Executive

Building an Integrated Campus of Care

West Park breaks grounds for world-class hospital

The day October 11, 2018 marked another defining moment in West Park Healthcare Centre’s 114-year history as the hospital broke ground for its new state-of-the-art facility. The hospital unveiled concept renderings and plans for the new six-storey, approximately 730,000 square foot facility that will serve Ontario patients for generations.

Considered one of the most memorable occasions in the hospital’s recent history, dignitaries joined more than 300 members of the West Park community to celebrate the groundbreaking that commenced with a charismatic drumline troupe leading a patient parade, and a special visit by The Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario. Beaming patients, family members, staff, physicians and volunteers expressed their excitement for the new facility that will finally complement the exceptional care already delivered by dedicated staff.

EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare (EllisDon) was awarded the fixed-price contract to design, build, finance and maintain the new hospital just two months prior to the groundbreaking. The contract is valued at $1.2 billion, which reflects the payments made during construction, the substantial completion payment and the facility maintenance payments over 30 years.

Recognizing West Park’s oldest residents

Progress often means sacrifice. For West Park, the progress is a new state-of-the-art hospital that will enable staff to deliver better care for the next generation. The sacrifice is the majestic, time treasured, individually-unique trees that are West Park’s oldest residents.

For decades they have shielded passersby from the sun, provided little critters big and small with food and shelter, and played a critical role in the healing and recovery for patients.

Last September, West Park held an unforgettable Tree and Land Blessing Ceremony presided by First Nations Elder Shannon Thunderbird, who led a powerful, traditional aboriginal drumming ritual to honour the trees and land. The ceremony gave more than 100 spectators an opportunity to show their gratitude to the trees and land around them.

Construction underway

West Park’s landscape has changed significantly and numerous heavy-duty vehicles and machinery are now the norm on campus.

Referred to as “early works,” EllisDon is now preparing the site for construction. This involves rerouting underground services such as installing temporary water and firemains and paving new roads, so West Park’s current buildings can operate during construction. In early 2020, known as the “Big Dig,” construction workers will be digging the new hospital’s footprint. At the height of construction, West Park will have four cranes, chain link fences called “hoarding’’ around the perimeter of the construction site, and potentially up to 500 construction workers and tradespeople on the campus.

Check out campus development progress on our Construction Cam

While “early works” construction activity have begun, staff, physicians, patients and consultants have collectively spent thousands of hours finalizing the architectural designs of the new hospital. The architectural designs will then be translated into construction documents, which provides the blueprint and technical specifications needed to build the new hospital.

The new hospital is expected to be completed in 2023 with move-in occurring a few months after. It will then take another year to demolish all the current buildings onsite, with the exception of the Long-Term Care Centre, and to re-landscape and restore the greenspace for which West Park has always been known.

Bold Partnerships

Creating a new niche in healthcare innovation

West Park Healthcare Centre is creating a new niche in healthcare innovation in the post-acute space by harnessing our entrepreneurial spirit with cutting edge technology and our reputation for nurturing care renown for giving patients their lives back.

Our approach is to align healthcare priorities with the right innovations, to the right patient population that can have direct and beneficial applications

By being proactive in our approach to innovation, West Park is able to help private sector partners dramatically slash the timeline from concept to pilot testing. This strategic approach helps leverage new ideas and input from frontline healthcare workers. In some cases, we can fast track ideas in real-time through to developing a technological solution in as little as nine months. Our goal is to create wider community impact that helps people get their lives back.

The greatest value innovators discover at West Park is the direct interaction with our staff and patients, who play a very proactive role in initiating discussion around innovation. We have successfully created a continuum of critical input throughout the innovation design process demonstrating our willingness to listen and learn.

The success of this new/unique approach to innovation is sparking international recognition from global health stakeholders interested in partnering with West Park.

West Park’s innovation strategy also allows (private sector) partners valuable access to a diverse patient population that is vital for testing appropriate technologies. West Park patients include those with disabilities, complex conditions, seniors, and those recovering from traumatic life-altering accidents.

Innovator in Residence

As part of the broader, long term strategy West Park has taken the bold step of creating the position of Innovator in Residence. With this position, the hospital is serving as an incubator to new ideas ensuring frequent exposure to front-line staff that provides real-time feedback leading to rapid development of potential solutions. Even chance meetings over the water cooler can turn into a solution-finding conversation.

Jay Couse, Innovator in Residence and CEO of Spxtrm AI

As a result, innovation is becoming pervasive in our hospital culture; the value we place on an open arms approach empowers staff to envision advancements in their own areas of practice.


Our end goal is to create new ways to deliver care by leveraging fresh ideas and technology in a way that empowers our patients to lead independent lives and enables our staff to envision new solutions and fresh thinking to provide the best patient care.

West Park is dedicated to advancing the innovation agenda in a way that the leverages the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data on healthcare.

West Park’s leadership in healthcare innovation is already having international impact. We are currently working with five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

West Park, along with MaRs (Medical and Related Sciences) Discovery District, is helping transition Nordic innovations into the global healthcare marketplace. This strategic expansion will help West Park firmly establish its international presence in the marketplace as an innovation leader.

As a medium-sized organization in the post-acute space, West Park’s approach to innovation is ambitious and multi-faceted. Our international reputation in specialized rehabilitation has made us sought-after partners for potentially trailblazing projects.

By making the results of our innovation expertise accessible, our aim is to keep people healthier longer and promote patient independence within the community.

Research and Innovation

Advancing West Park on world stage

West Park has been very active on the innovation front, with West Park collaborating on 11 healthcare technology products with 22 partners with $3.3M in funding.

We were delighted to announce that Dr. Dina Brooks, a leader in the study of pulmonary and cardiovascular rehabilitation, has been appointed as the National Sanitarium Association (NSA) Chair in Respiratory Rehabilitation Research. Dr. Brooks will take over from Dr. Roger Goldstein, who held the position since it was created in 2002 with an historic $1 million gift to West Park from the National Sanitarium Association, matched by the hospital’s Foundation. Dr. Brooks will, in her capacity as NSA Chair, continue to play a vital role in championing and advancing respiratory rehabilitation research at West Park.

Dr. Dina Brooks

Operational Excellence - Financial Highlights

Foundation Focus

West Park Foundation

Campaign takes off as hospital breaks ground

The excitement that infused the West Park community in 2018/19 both energized and inspired our supporters, resulting in the largest number of donations to date to the Get Your Life Back Campaign and a very successful year for West Park Foundation.

With 44% already raised, we are well on our way to meeting the Campaign’s Phase 1 target of $50 million by 2023. Among the donations made in the past year have been leadership gifts that will greatly improve the patient experience in the new hospital.

These include former West Park patient and outgoing Foundation Board member, David Weishuhn, who with his family has made a very generous gift to name the Weishuhn Auditorium. Longtime supporter Patricia Martin has made a significant donation to create the Robert and Patricia Martin Café, while Day Hospital patient Gordon Wilson, whose late wife Audrey was a resident of the Long-term Care Centre, has generously donated $250,000 to the Campaign, which will be recognized through the naming of the Audrey Wilson Therapy Trail.

West Park team captain Jamoi Anderson in the 2019 Tournament of Stars
Dan Simunac (L), Centre board member and Organizing Chair of Tournament of Stars, with celebrity player Morris Peterson and Cormac Mac Lochlainn of Team Raymond James & Friends

In addition, the Foundation’s three signature fundraising events enjoyed continued success in 2018/19. Most recently, the 3rd Annual Tournament of Stars presented by Raymond James was held on March 29-30, raising $530,000 in support of West Park and bringing the three-year total for the event to $1.3 million.

Georgina Steinsky (L), Chair of the Foundation Board of Directors, with board member Sue Armstrong, Chair of UNCORK UNTAP UNWIND

More than 300 people danced the night away while enjoying great food and stunning views of the Toronto skyline at UNCORK UNTAP UNWIND, held November 1st at The Globe and Mail Centre, while the Foundation’s annual golf tournament last August saw 70 golfers take to the links at the storied Glen Abbey Golf Club. This year the tournament has been given a new name and a beautiful new location: The West Park Foundation Golf Classic will be held on August 26, 2019 at the spectacular St. George’s Golf and Country Club.


West Park Healthcare Centre gratefully acknowledges funding from the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network

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