Top 8 things you should know about the Outsiders By Becka Broe

#8 The Characters that are Greasers are Pony Boy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darrel ¨Darry¨ Curtis, Dallas¨dally¨ Winston, Two-bit and Johnny Cade,the Socs are Steve Randle, Cherry Valance,Bob.

#7 Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darry's mom and dad got in a car accident and died in it so now Darry is trying to keep the family together.

#6 Ponyboy and Johnny stayed and talked next to a fire and fell asleep by the fire and Darrel is looking for him and gets mad and hits Ponyboy and then Ponyboy gets Johnny and runs away from there houses.

#5 You should know that in the book they had two kids of people The greasers and the Socs. The greasers are kind of like the lower class people who dot have alot of money but the Socs are the people who are very rich and gets any thing.

#4 You should now that in the book that Ponyboy and Johnny, get in a fight with the Socs and they are drunk and used self defense on Bob because they were drowning Johnny and then all of the other Socs run off into the car and leave.

#3 In the story Johnny and Ponyboy saved kids from a burning church and the lady thought that the kids were playing outside and not in the church.And then Dallas helped get the children get out by grabbing them from Johnny. Then at the end he grabs Ponyboy and there wasn't enough time to get Johnny out.

#2 Ponyboy wanted to see his family but he wants to stay with Johnny and help him hide from the cops. They stay in a church to have some were to stay.

#1 The last thing that you need to know about the outsiders is that Johnny dyes because he was helping the children get out of the burning church. But when he got all the children out, the roof fell on Johnny and he is ruched to the hospital and later he dyes from all the burns on him.

One fun fact that not most people know is that the Outsiders is that the house was turned into a museum and you can see it and they named the roads the Curtis Brothers Lane and The Outsiders Way

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