The Poplar Bluff School District and the Board of Education understand the important role that technology can play in individualizing instruction and promoting academic success. The District will provide each High School student in grades 9-12 access to a Chromebook during the academic school year. Students will be allowed to use the Chromebook during classes, as instructed, and will be allowed to take the Chromebook home during the school year. At all times, it is understood that the Chromebook and all accessories remain the sole property of the District and will be returned to the District at the end of the school year or upon transfer/withdrawal from the District.

Damage Waiver Fee

The Damage Waiver Fee is $20 per student each year. Households with more than one student in grades 9-12 will be responsible for payment on only two students - $40 maximum for each household. The Damage Waiver Fee is due in full prior to the Chromebook being assigned to the student.

The deployment process has been streamlined to reduce the amount of time parents, guardians, and students will wait in line. Because of this, only cash and checks will be accepted forms of payment at the deployment session. We will not be able to process credit and debit cards.

Damage Waiver Fee Proration and Refund Schedule

The Damage Waiver Fee may be subject to proration or refund, in part, based on the following schedule and upon written request by the parent/guardian:

  • Enrollment in 1st Quarter: $20 fee; withdrawal in 1st Quarter: $15 refund.
  • Enrollment in 2nd Quarter: $15 fee; withdrawal in 2nd Quarter: $10 refund.
  • Enrollment in 3rd Quarter: $10 fee; withdrawal in 3rd Quarter: $5 refund.
  • Enrollment in 4th Quarter: $5 fee; withdrawal in 4th Quarter: No refund.

Damage Waiver Agreement

I acknowledge that I have been issued an electronic device by the District for the sole purpose of enhancing my educational experience, and I am wholly and entirely responsible for loss or damage to this District-owned device. I will only use this device in accordance with all applicable policies and procedures of the District.

In order to minimize the possible financial impact on myself from accidental loss or damage to the device, I fully accept the District’s offer to partially waive my financial responsibility for a future loss, subject to the terms and conditions and fines as outlined below, and payment of an annual damage waiver fee.

I understand there are certain conditions not covered by this damage waiver which include: 1) any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal acts, 2) any loss to software, data, documents, music, videos, recordings or other personal information that I have placed on the device, 3) additional loss caused by the failure to use all reasonable means to protect the device after it has been damaged, 4) disappearance of the device not reported to local law enforcement, and 5) any use not in accordance with District policies and procedures (see Responsible Use Agreement).

I am responsible for a $20 per occurrence fine for all claims covered under this damage waiver to be paid immediately upon confirmation of a loss, such confirmation being at the District’s sole discretion, and I understand I will not be allowed to take the device home while there is an unpaid fine on my account.

I understand the District reserves the right to revoke any and all of my privileges under this program should there be evidence of careless or destructive behavior on my part.

Willful and Deliberate Damage

Willful and deliberate damages to the Chromebook will cause Poplar Bluff School District to charge the student/parent the full cost of the replacement or repairs of the computer. Such cases may be turned over to the Poplar Bluff Police Department. If deemed necessary, technology access and use may be fully revoked.

Lost or Stolen Chromebooks

Lost or stolen Chromebooks will be subject to a $100 fine for the first occurrence, and $200 for a second occurrence. Any future occurrences will require a plan arranged by the building principal. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for filing a police report for stolen property and providing the District with a copy of the report.

Damages Not Covered

The Damage Waiver Fee will NOT cover repairs from issues resulting from:

  • Damage caused by food and/or liquid spills or failure to use reasonable care.
  • Damage caused by flood, fire, earthquake, or other natural disasters.
  • Damage caused by service performed by any outside service/repair provider.
  • Damage to a part or that has been modified to alter functionality or capability.
  • Damage that is cosmetic, including, but not limited to scratches or dents.
  • Any issue where the serial number or asset label has been removed.
  • Loaning your Chromebook or charger to another student.
  • Damage or alterations to the backpack - replacement cost is $45.00.
  • Any use not in accordance with District policies and procedures (see Responsible Use Agreement).

Damages resulting from the issues mentioned above will cause Poplar Bluff School District to charge the student/parent the full cost of the replacement or repairs of the Chromebook.

Responsible Use Agreement

I understand that the Poplar Bluff School District has issued this Chromebook for the sole purpose of benefiting my educational experience and agree to only use the Chromebook in a manner consistent with this expectation.

I will follow these guidelines at all times:

  • I WILL keep the Chromebook and accessories secure and damage free.
  • I WILL always close the Chromebook screen when moving or walking around and carry the Chromebook in the school-issued backpack.
  • I WILL keep the Chromebook away from food, drinks/water, and pets.
  • I WILL make available for inspection any messages or files sent or received on the Chromebook. Files stored and information accessed, downloaded or transferred on district-owned technology are not private.
  • I WILL use appropriate language in all communications avoiding profanity, obscenity and offensive or inflammatory language. Personal attacks and/or threats on/against anyone made while using district-owned technology are to be reported to responsible school personnel.
  • I WILL follow copyright laws and only download/import data or other files to district-owned technology that I am authorized or legally permitted to reproduce, or for which I hold the copyright.
  • I WILL always be aware of where I leave the Chromebook and will never leave the Chromebook outside or unattended.
  • I WILL NOT leave the Chromebook near table/desk edges or stack objects on top of the Chromebook.
  • I WILL NOT loan the Chromebook, charger, or accessories to anyone.
  • I WILL NOT permanently deface or alter the appearance of the Chromebook or backpack.
  • I WILL NOT check the Chromebook as luggage at an airport.
  • I WILL NOT attempt to access networks and other technologies beyond the point of authorized access. This includes attempts to use another person’s account and/or password.
  • I WILL NOT share passwords or attempt to discover passwords. Sharing a password could make me liable if problems arise with its use and I could be subject to disciplinary action.
  • I WILL NOT download and/or install any programs, files, or games from the Internet or other sources onto any district owned technology. This includes the intentional introduction of computer viruses and other malicious software.
  • I WILL NOT tamper with computer hardware or software, gain unauthorized entry into computers, and vandalism or destruction of the computer or computer files. Damage to computers may result in felony criminal charges.
  • I WILL NOT attempt to override, bypass or otherwise change the Internet filtering software or other network configurations.
  • I WILL NOT make use of materials or attempt to locate materials that are unacceptable in a school setting. This includes, but is not limited to pornographic, obscene, graphically violent, or vulgar images, sounds, music, language, video or other materials.

I have reviewed these Chromebook Guidelines, the District Technology Usage Policy, and agree to use the Chromebook in accordance with District and School policies. I understand that this Chromebook is the sole property of the Poplar Bluff School District and will maintain this Chromebook and all accessories in good working order while it is in my care.


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