Rods, Canes & Wands A literature based Carving Project in Art

Students begin by choosing a character from literature that uses a walking stick, rod, staff, cane, shillelagh or wand. Next, the students research their character. I offered a couple of Harry Potter wand choices for those wanting to spend less time on research, but all students are required to have literary evidence for their artworks. The students then use their research to make a sketch of what their character's accessory looks like based upon found description of the item or what the student imagines it to look like based upon descriptions of the character and/or other facts from their story.

Gandalf was one of the teacher-provided character choices due to his use of a staff.
"The Mountain Spirit" was a German postcard and the inspiration for Gandalf.

Here are some of the student's sketches:

After drafting a sketch for their project, students have to bring in the perfect piece of wood to carve. This should involve a little parent involvement. I like when the parent involved part requires a little outdoor activity to get family members together.

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