Walter Feldman 1956 Providence Art Club Exhibition

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1956 PROVIDENCE ART CLUB EXHIBITION: Arriving in Providence in 1953 and settling into the Assistant Professor of Art position at Brown University, Feldman became a member of the Providence Art Club. In 1956 he had a one-person show at the club, exhibiting twenty-eight paintings. The young artist was transitioning from a strict realistic style to an expressive painting technique with vibrant colors. Contemporary painters at Rhode Island School of Design were suitably impressed with his artistic advancement following his Yale art school graduation in 1952. The president of RISD, John Frazier and the art critic, Brad Swan, from the Providence Journal are two sources of local insight into the paintings of Feldman at the time.

Exhibition of Paintings by Walter Feldman Providence Art Club February 26 - March 10, 1956
"Dear Walter, Congratulations on your show at the Art Club. I have visited it twice and found it both times very impressive. In my estimation the canvases are not only much advanced over paintings of yours that I have seen before, but they seem to have a sureness of form that lifts them to a plane of distinguished achievement." John Frazier, RISD, Office of the President, March 12, 1956
King's Pawn, 1949
Providence Sunday Journal, March 4, 1956 Brad Swan W. Feldman art review
It uses many of the techniques especially the running rhythm brush calligraphy of Abstract Expressionism Brad Swan, Providence Journal, March 4, 1956
*The Plucker (The Chicken Plucker), 1953
The style settles itself into the range of modernism somewhere between Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism. Brad Swan, Providence Journal, March 4, 1956
The Sacrifice of Issac, 1955
Feldman invariably uses actual, recognizable subject matter. Brad Swan, Providence Journal March 4, 1956
Job, 1954
Feldman is fearless when it comes to trying to express his own emotional reaction in paint on any theme which has aroused his emotions and that fact gives these paintings validity and strength, and of course appropriately rhythmic line and color. Brad Swan, Providence Journal, March 1958


The Valley of Dry Bones, 1956 SOLD
This painting has a very muted color orchestration. It was done during a time when I was in constant pain and thinking of Job as a reflection of how I felt. This is my interpretation of Job wearing a prayer shawl. With the gray, black and olive-green colors, I was trying to express what Job had endured. Walter Feldman Interview, 2010
*The Black Cat, 1953 SOLD
Thus one can discover a kinship between paintings of widely different subject matter - from Jewish ritual scenes to the landscapes of the American southwest and from the varied evidence there emerges the impression of a definite style - a style which is the personal property of this one artist." Brad Swan, Providence Journal March 4, 1956
*Southwest Landscape, 1955, SOLD
The Shofar, 1954, SOLD

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*The Washer Women, 1955 SOLD
*Rocks and Water, 1955, SOLD

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