Gun control can reduce mass shootings. Stricter gun Control can reduce and prevent the number of mass shootings.

What gun laws are passed or coming up to prevent mass shootings?

Not many laws have been passed to prevent mass shootings, every month there is a mass shooting; lawmakers and congress hasn't passed many laws to prevent them. Moreover, lawmakers believe it's through stricter guns laws. In 2007 Paul Ryan backed a law which was for companies to keep up with records of people who didn't qualify for rifles and ones with mental illnesses (Thuy). This law showed little improvements to mass shootings. Unfortunately, still tell this day rifles can be easily bought at the store. The National Rifle Association a key player and expert on gun control states” we are working on a plan to make purchasing a firearm much safer”(Thuy). The NRA did not give any specific details to their plan but they are making one. Lawmakers and Congress have not done much to make gun laws safer and prevent mass shootings. On the other hand, if they did banned some firearms what ones?

Should there be a banned on more firearms, not just semi automatic rifles?

Over the years a shooters weapon of choice has been all firearms, yes semi automatic rifles would be more effective choice. Whereas, most debates on gun control focus on getting rid of semi automatic rifles. According to Washington Post 8% of all mass shootings semi automatic rifles were used. This just shows we need stricter gun laws not just focused on rifles but all firearms. Shooters just don't use semi automatic rifles but smaller weapons that are easier to conceal. According to Jenny Thuy writer for New York Daily states,” In most cases Legally bought handguns were used in most mass shootings”. Not just rifles are deadly but all firearms can harm someone we need to create better laws so everyone can be safe. Although, getting the weapons out of their hands would work what makes someone commit mass shooting.

What makes someone mass shooter?

The most recent mass shooting in Orlando the shooter claimed to be part of ISIS, but in most cases it's an act of anger towards a company or school. Furthermore, The Orlando shooting was the most deadliest in US history, with a total of 49 dead and 53 injured. The shooter was Omar Mateen a 29 year old security guard his target was a gay nightclub named Pulse. Omars shooting was an act of terrorism and claimed to be an ISIS affiliate. In addition, most mass shootings in the US are acts of anger. But in the case of the sandy hook shooting the shooter Adam Lanza did not give a reason. Adam killed over 20 people most of them being kids. According to psychologists John Stem of University of Phoenix stated,” Adam Lanza acted in anger killing his parents and going out killing 20 children”. Investigators and psychologists both believe Adam was angered with his parents but the answer is not for sure. Unfortunately mass shootings happen a lot, but how common are they.

How common are mass shootings?

Mass shootings have been a phenomenon of the 21 century, they average one every month. They're so common most of them don't make it to the news unless its record breaking or has terrorist involvement. In this case, From 1966 to 2012, nearly a third of the world's mass shootings took place in the U.S.(Willingham). The U.S. has the largest mass shooting in the world and the record and it just keeps getting higher and where setting a record every year. In fact, most mass shooting aren't televised is just alarming itself. Obama built most of his camping off of gun control now his administration States” If the laws are not changed mass shooting will become more than a phenomenon but part of our everyday lives(Willingham)”. In some ways, mass shootings are already part of our everyday lives ,every time you turn on the TV there talking about one. In other cases, What makes a mass shooting a mass shooting?

What is a mass shooting?

It depends on what source you use but the government does not give or explain what a mass shooting is. For instance, Gun Violence Archive, which compiles data from shooting incidents, a "mass shooting" is any incident where four or more people are wounded or killed(Lankford). This is a very broad definition of a mass shooting.On the other hand, the FBI the lead investigators of most mass shootings state,” If Three or more people die in one specific location a mass shooting has occurred”(White).The FBI go more into detail on what a mass shooting is but they say three or more not forth like Gun Violence Archive. Their is still not a set definition only interpretations or guess on what mass shootings are.


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