Lack of food in GUATEMALA By Justin, Alexa, and Anisa

Welcome to Guatemala!


Have you ever wondered what the lack of food and nutrition was in Guatemala? Even though there are foods like corn, sugarcane, bananas, coffee, tortillas, and beans- not many people get to eat them. In Guatemala they lack many things, but one of the highest in Guatemala is food/nutrition/beverages. The most popular foods in Guatemala are rice and beans.

Look at guatemala on the map! It is near Mexico City

These are some Guatemalan foods.

Climate and Geography

The population of Guatemala is about 14,099,032. The official language is Spanish. Guatemala's official name is Republic of Guatemala. Their money is called quetzals. In Guatemala they have temples, pyramids, and rain forests. Guatemala is a country of volcanoes, mountains, and beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The coastal lowlands are warm and humid.

This is a Guatamalan dollar

Archaeologists believe that the earliest settlers to Guatemala crossed the Bering Strait from Asia 14,000 years ago and evidence of human settlements date to around 9000 B.C.

This is a Guatemalan coin

Cultural Universals

Although cultures are different, they share some things in common called Cultural Universals. These Cultural Universals include: food, clothing, shelter, family structure, government, communication, transportation, education, values and beliefs, religion, entertainment, and celebrations.

Lacking Essential Survival Needs

Guatemala is the country that is third most-affected by extreme weather event. Over the last two decades Guatemala has been repeatedly hit by a series of severe natural disasters. The hurricane season in 2008 killed 70% of Guatemala's crops. This damage was the most expensive in Guatemala’s history at an estimated $1 billion. the worst of which was the devastating earthquake on 12 January 2010. Food in Guatemala is limited due to droughts, floods, cutting down trees, and soil erosion. Guatemala has been hit by severe food shortages recently, worsening what were already dangerous levels of malnutrition. People had less crops, so they had less food. Then people got poorer.

Guatemala after a disaster

Food And Poverty

People in Guatemala face poverty and hunger as young children and adults.

This is Guatemala.

After natural disasters, the farmers couldn't farm and the prices of food got higher.

Emergencies cause food markets to crash and go out of business.

There was limited food and people did not get the food that they needed to be healthy.

Most Guatemalan women will have five children in her lifetime.

After The Crisis

World Food Programme delivers daily hot meals to 485,000 schoolchildren. It is trying to increase food purchased locally to give money to the farmers and use the food in the school meals program

Help save Guatemala!

Guatemala flag


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