Cyber Bullying By: Hannah johnson

Cyber bullying is a nation wide problem that needs fixed and stopped. Know one should be bullied in any type of way. You don't know what is going on in there life. You don't know what they have to deal with every day when they go home. You just making it 100 times harder on them. You could be that one person that puts them over the edge.

Statistics say that 43% of kids/teens have been Cyber Bullied. Did you know 7 out of 10 of teens get Cyber Bullied. That should be 0%. Why do people have to be rude to each other Why do others have to put each other down for no reason. What did they do to you?

You don;t know whats going on at home with mom or dad. Or they could be working to help there family. They might have to come home every day and take care of there siblings cause mom and dad are out drunk or there doing other things they shouldn't be. So they give them the responsibility to do everything cause there not ready to take on the roll of a parent. So be four you say a mean thing to some ones face. Or you hit that send button with a mean text or tweet or whatever. Just stop and think cause you have no clue what's going on at home. Cause you could be part of the reason they take there life or put them over the edge.

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