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Live Life Freely

A country based on co-operation and kindness. The name Tri-republic stands for a literal tri republic that work together as one country under a set of elected leaders. Within the country there are three zones including Northlake, Southport, and Greywald.

The three background sections symbolize the three sectors of the country, the wolves symbolize a duel run government (two presidents who work together) which are elected in every 5 years.

President - Bernie sanders, I believe he would be a very fair and kind leader who fights for the rights of his citizens. John Lewis would fill the other position; he is a Georgian politician who fights for civil rights and someone who fights so adamantly for equality would be great to put in the presidential office, he would make sure that everyone was equal in the eyes of the law.

Vice President - Michelle Obama, she has the initiative to make a difference and takes pride in everything she does.

Secretary of State - Condoleezza Rice, although she had been a previous secretary of state i believe she is perfect for the job. She is highly opinionated and is not afraid to tell people what she thinks about foreign affairs.

Secretary of Education - Neil DeGrasse Tyson, he understands the flaws of the education system and attempts to make a difference by teaching people new things in different ways. Neil also has the ability to convey his meanings to a wide range of people, which is usually a difficult thing for people on his level of intelligence.

Secretary of Defense - George Washington, the first president was also one of the best soldiers in american history. He brought his army together and continued the fight until they had won. Having someone with such ambition in this position would be perfect.

Secretary of Treasury - Bill gates, one of the wealthiest people in the country he has properly gained and used his money. Having someone who so easily takes care of his own money might help when it comes to dealing with the treasury.

Secretary of Ecology - Leslie Knope (from parks and rec) she creates many plans to help her town's land like creating a park and her river cleanup initiative. Leslie works day and night trying to do the best thing for her people and their town.

Speaker of House - Martin Luther king Jr. gave one of the most memorable speeches in american history, having someone like him speak for the public in our government would help others to understand a different opinion. He spoke clearly and coherently so that every person, no matter who they were, understood what he meant.

Edited bills

1.) Freedom of speech, press on public matters people have a right to privacy, and freedom to peacefully assemble

2.) Bails and fines have a set price depending on the crime, to avoid any 'excessive' fines.

3.) No law can be created which prohibits the rights of any citizen.

4.) A president may run for as many terms as they wish, if the people are happy with their president then there is no issue with them staying in the position (election still occurs every 5 years)

5.) Must be 25 to run for a government chair.

New Bills

1.) Every citizen has the EXACT same rights no matter the religion, race, sex, gender, orientation, etc.

2.) Any law enforcement or government officials must be psychologically analyzed at least once every year to avoid corruption.

3.) Environment corruption, like littering and creating massive amounts of pollution, will be prosecuted fully.

4.) Popular vote is the ruling on elections.

5.) assisted suicide and the death penalty are legal based on a court ruling.

The flag was digitally drawn by me. Other than the flag, I own none of the images.

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