Bob Dylan Masters Of war

  • The government is hiding but also sending out weapon, men over to was and The government has done nothing to help but hide from then.
  • They send young men out to war, with gun that they ever hold on before, and putting then in a swichuation that he never face before.
  • The men want to believe that the war will end soon but they know it won't end soon.
  • The young and old solder that are still fighting but while fight they see dead or dieting people on the cold ground. The fear they have also bring they family's and friends fear.
  • Children that are born, don't have a father to talk out to because of this war what is government is doing.
  • The men know they are young and they don't know as much but they do know that no one will forgive them.
  • They all ask that money buy there forgiveness for what they have done to them.
  • they say no because the people that have dead would be a live again.
  • they all hope the government would die for what they done and they will all stand on there grave, to make sure thous people that die had a pusses to die

The tone of this song the Masters Of War has a depression tone to it because it was a depressing time. this song was made when the Venom war. this song has a lot of different way poet. Mostly imagery and merit-fores. the time this song was wrote was dining the Venom War was going on

the point that he is trying to get a cross is that the Venom war. Was a bad thing to the American because it kill a lot of men and the government that telling this happen because to protect there county but not there men

this say that "like sades of gold you lie and do cove"


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