Hootsuite Certification Experience Abbie Chambers

I received my Certification of Achievement from Hootsuite on April 13th, 2017. I am very proud and excited that I have accomplished something that I was once so intimidated by and look forward to utilizing it in the future.

Analytics? No way!

When I first found out about Hootsuite, I would hear the word "analytics" and cringe. Analytics, was a word and concept that I wanted nothing to do with. However, Hootsuite has made it a little more bearable for me. With Hootsuite you are able to measure your social return on investment (ROI). By doing this, users are able to make smarter, data driven social media marketing decisions. Hootsuite taught me how easy managing social media platforms can be. Hootsuite allows users to save time by managing all social media accounts- personal, professional, work, anything- by allowing you to manage all of your social profiles and automatically find and schedule effective social content.

My Favorite !

One of my favorite aspects of Hootsuite was learning the process of navigating through different parts of the program. I had been using Hootsuite all semester and was unaware of a lot it had to offer. When I began my journey to certification, I was in awe of everything the program is capable of. The geo-search option was something I found to be very helpful. Through this option, users are able to find new people to reach out to and join in on conversation. Using the geo-search option allows you to engage with people easier. I learned that engagement is a vital part of expanding your platform and becoming a more trustworthy source.

Who Benefits?

I am now a firm believer that companies, bloggers, influencers, vloggers, really anyone in the media spotlight, would greatly benefit from using Hootsuite. I highly emphasize the importance of using the scheduling feature for your content. It is such an excellent way to get the job done, when you want it, without being glued to your technology!

My Experience !

Overall, my Hootsuite experience was very helpful and I know I will benefit greatly. I found the process of becoming certified very simple as far as navigation. I really enjoyed the videos as I felt that they were very visual. Something I felt that would help users is explaining why they got a question wrong, which will better prepare them for the 65 question test. By becoming certified in the program, I am now a step above the competition when applying for jobs after graduation. I can add it to my resume and will be able to display my knowledge from here on out! I can not thank Dr. Karen Freberg enough, for all of the knowledge, support and wisdom she has provided me, as well as the rest of #Freberg17, with. I feel incredibly honored to have been able to take such a wonderful and beneficial class, and I can't wait to apply my knowledge in my future endeavors.

Dr. Karen Freberg, AKA the Greatest Social Media Guru

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