Nature and the Good Life Alysia Amato

The Florida Museum of Natural History features eight permanent exhibits including the Butterfly Rainforest and Butterfly Exhibits, Florida Fossils, South Florida People and Environments, and many more.

The museum brings every exhibit to life and inspires those who walk in making it feel as though you are connected to the exhibit. The picture on this slide shows The Fantastic Beasts event that was going on during my visit. The museum hosts many events for people to come and enjoy in hopes to inspire people to learn more about the world and our environment.

Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit is the perfect example of being immersed into nature. Having the opportunity to escape into the habitat of a butterfly has helped me to visualize the natural beauty of nature. It was a breathtaking experience and the butterflies were so graceful. It has made me appreciate them and want to learn more about their nature. Outside of the dome were many frames full of butterflies that helps you to visualize just how diverse butterflies are. It makes you realize how much you don't know about our planet and goes to show how diverse planet Earth is. I think it's an exquisite exhibit that really captures the life of a butterfly. Additionally, visitors are able to observe their different stages of development and where they are studied. It gives the younger generation the ability to see what someone would do working to restore butterflies and it helps inspire children who want to preserves nature.

Nature and Ethics

"Our greatest challenge today is the preservation of the Earth's biodiversity" -William W. McGuire

If we want to change the world we have to learn about it. The Museum of Natural History's mission is to help people value our diverse world and to make a positive impact in the future. The Museum of Natural History does exactly that. It makes my heart happy to see a child walk away inspired after seeing an exhibit. The picture above illustrates a touched human being. Her expression is priceless and it is my favorite picture that I captured from my experience at the museum. It is truly amazing to see a child light up and become inspired by nature. Children are so innocent and so imaginative. Educating them about preservation and biodiversity will allow them to become aware of their surroundings and inspire them to make a difference and appreciate nature. The ability to learn about our colorful planet through interactions helps to connect ourselves and our senses to the environment. It also makes me realize just how magnanimous the world is.

You only have one life so what will you do with it?

Nature and the Human Spirit

Florida Fossils helps visitors visualize different animals that lived billions of years ago. The fossil towards the very back in the first image of the bear sloth took my breath away. It was huge and I never would have been able to picture just how big it was unless I had seen it myself. This exhibit helped me imagine a life in their time period. It is amazing to see how the world has evolved and how there were species that I couldn't picture now to have lived before us. It helps me appreciate Earth because it has come a long ways.

Not only does the museum feature artifacts, but it also includes audio and striking visual effects that bring each exhibit to life. The second picture shows the underwater exhibit in the background. The sound effects of being in the ocean helped to create an experience as if you were under water with the fish. Another effect that helped bring the exhibit to life was of the Calusa Leaders House. It was a hut with a tribe that had visual and sound effects making it feel as though you were experiencing their lives first hand. The museums use of appealing to all of the senses truly makes going to an exhibit an enjoyable and whimsical experience helping to spark ones imagination and preserve our diverse world.

All photos belong to Alysia Amato
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All photos belong to Alysia Amato

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