The year started with the release of the popularized science book "At the edge…" edited by Paul Wassmann with contributions from many Nansen Legacy members.

At the edge... is the first book where the knowledge on northern Svalbard and the European rim of the central Arctic Ocean is summarized. Melting ice and an ecosystem in rapid change threaten the future of the entire arctic region. In this book, the major issues and challenges we face in the north are discussed from the perspective of history, the social sciences, geology and marine biology.

The book presents the scant knowledge that has so far been accumulated from the European Arctic. The book is therefore highly recomendable for all those who which to familiarize themselves with the study area of the Nansen Legancy.

Many members of the Nansen Legacy have contributed with dedicated chapters to the book. The book is published by Orkana (ISBN 978-82-8104-299-5)

Under the rubric "Latest publications" we wish to gather the latest scientific publications and highlight some major findings within the Nansen Legacy. We therefore kindly ask you to send relevant puplications to lena.seuthe@uit.no.

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