A Pain in the Brain An attempt to MINIMIZE Concussions in Football

Carlisle High School is a huge public school with multiple sports including football.

Carlisle High School had much success with football in the previous years...

But, Carlisle High School Athletic's needs more trainers to focus on football players who suffer from a concussion since this is a common injury and plays will go back onto the field before recovering from the brain damage.

Football is a full contact sport, so concussions and other sport related injuries very common.
The brain is a vital to life, and needs to be taken car of.

In the passed couple decades officials have been watching closely on head-to-head contact, and penalizing players if they intentionally lead with their head.

Back in early football years, the players wore helmets that were not as protective as helmets today.
the evolution of football helmets HAve also helped keep the players safer.


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