Religious journey #amazingplaces

I started my journey on december 8 2016 when i landed in Gangotri, India were the Gangotri temple is located, it practices Hinduism. It was 11pm so i decided to stay at the Mandakini hotel. In the morning I set of to see the Gangotri temple, I got a ride from other tourists that had a car. They dropped me off at the beautiful white Gangotri temple. It was right next to the Bhagirathi river.

Gangotri and Bhagirathi river

I got into Mahilwar, Nepal On December 10th 2016 to see the Maya Devi temple which practices Buddhism. When I got there I went and ate, the place had lot of pita bread and turkey. I stayed the night at the Hotel Basil Lumbini. In the morning I went to the Maya Devi temple by hopping onto a truck with a few other people. When I got there it was so big of an area to be all just to that religion.

Lumbini in Nepal

I left Nepal on December 12th and flew into Ma'ale ha-Zeitim, Israel on December 13th to see the Western Wall which practices Judaism. When I landed I went to Panorama Hotel and stayed the night there. When I woke up I got on a bus to go to the Western Wall. When I got there lots of the people there had there heads on the wall and were praying and reading out of the old testament. There was a lot of different rooms but everyone was looking at the western wall.

Western Wall in Israel

I got to the Legacy of Nazareth hotel on December 15th after a bus ride from Ma'ale ha-Zeitim, Israel to Nazareth, Israel . When I got up I went to eat at the Alreda. After that I walked to the St. Joseph's Church When I went inside and looked at all the big painting on the walls. When I left St. Joseph's Church I walked to the White Mosque. It was a really big building with a green to with a tower next to it.

Nazareth, Israel

I landed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on December 17th. When I landed I got a taxi ride to the Kaaba which they practice Islam. When I got there it was a big building that surrounds a square with a small building in the middle that people were worshiping. The small building was black and gold, with one door. After I was done exploring the Kaaba I went and ate at Al- baik. After that I went back to my hotel to get ready for my 22 hour flight back home.

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