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Social Images For Christmas Event

Christmas Social Event Presentation

Above are six of my strongest images from my christmas social event. i have chosen these six images for my presentation because not only are they my favourite images they show the type of photography i enjoy doing. Kids are alongside one of my favourite subjects to photograph and capturing little moments that make an image speak a thousand words. i have chosen different effects of images to colour and black and white, this also shows my editing skills i also vary from wide angle images and close ups using the zoom lens. this social event was very exciting as it is Christmas and its a happy time of the year and many images i had taken are being used as christmas gifts for the customers close family and friends, so the photoshoot worked well for myself and the customers. I have also chosen to take images of both girl and boy. These images were shot in my home with a christmas backdrop, a off camera flash, plenty of light from my large windows and plenty of props to keep the kids happy. I had a few challenges to overcome on the day, such as tired crying kids, kids being shy and parents being stressed. but with my patience for children and good time keeping skills i was able to make the experience fun for both kids and the parents and myself. i really enjoyed taking the images i also love the colours involved in the photos.

First Birthday Cake Smash Celebrations Social Event Presentation

Above are two of my images from my first birthday cake smash celebration, for the social presentations you were to have an image were there were more than two people in the image. So for this shoot i decided to add in a couple of family portraits for the parents of the little boy Mason. This day was special for Mason and his parents as they were celebrating little Mason turning one and by celebrating they added a twist to it and had a cake smash, a photoshoot that includes myself taking images of Mason smashing into a large cupcake birthday cake, which is messy, funny and most of all something memorable. This photoshoot was lit with natural window light and off camera flash guns. My set up was a grey background for the family shoot, and a off white background for the cake smash were i included a birthday banner with masons name and happy birthday written across it, on the banner was baby Mickey mouse who i believe he likes, i work beside a professional cake maker who i get all my cakes baked and decorated from to whatever colour and style i desire to which i plan alongside the theme of the cake smash. this was a fun day and the images show how happy the parents were with the success of the day and the photoshoot. Mason also had a blast and was very sleepy come the end of the shoot.

Here is an image of my brother at my mothers wedding were i was taking the photographs. i like this image because he looks happy and it was a natural pose which turned out really well. the composition of the image goes well with the over all look. i converted it to black and white because the sky was really dull outside and this balanced it out more. My brothers name is Jake and as my mum doesn't have her dad in the living world any more my brother had the job of walking my mum down the isle which was a lovely moment for everyone especially my mum. it was important to me to get an image of jake on his own and i managed to capture one without him realising.

Above is a beautiful image at my mums wedding were i was in charge of the photographs. i like to capture little details that the bride and groom don't expect to see when looking over there images. i like this image because u see a lot of detail on the brides dress and and the scottish tartan fabric of the grooms kilt. this image again has been converted to black and white as there was too much colour to make you focus on just the bride and groom. this was shot with just a flash gun on top of my nikon d3300.

this image was captured at a 21st birthday party that i was photographing. the lady on the left is the birthday planner also being the birthday boys mother, and to the right is a very close friend to the family. this image is natural and shows a lot of expression and love towards each other. i never had any difficultys taking photographs at this party i just used my off camera flash and they turned out really well.

this image was also taken at the 21st birthday party, the location of this party was a bowling club in Paisley. i never knew anyone apart from the boy who was celebrating his birthday and his parents. it was important for me to capture all of his friends enjoying themselves and i found that this one showed two happy females excited for the night ahead, this image was them arriving and heading to there table. i converted this image to black and white again as there was too much colour including disco balls that made the image look too busy but i really like how natural and off guard this image looks.

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