Flight Engineer Activity 1.1.5g Engineering Careers

Flight engineers monitor the many instruments used on airplanes during flight and provide routine maintenance when en-route

$117,290 (all airline pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers)

They work inside a office

Responsible for monitoring and controlling various aircraft systems, including fixed-wing (airplanes), rotary wing (helicopters), and space flight (ISS). Works in close coordination with the two pilots during all phases of flight.

Your job outlook will continue to be Average because:

1. The employment growth rate will likely be average with demand stimulated by a stronger airline industry based on restructuring and passengers' renewed confidence in travel.

2. The retirement rate will likely be above average and the number of retiring workers should contribute to job openings.

3. The number of job openings will likely exceed the number of job seekers. This will not be significant enough to have an impact on the work prospects.

Associate's degree minimum; bachelor's degree preferred; Flight engineering certificate and a medical certificate.Fixed-wing navigation and flight training; aeronautical or mechanical engineering; aerospace flight, electromechanical systems; communication; aviation mechanical engineering; thermodynamics.Optional commercial pilot license.


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