A Long Time Coming By Evan Thomas | 217 pgs

The election of 2008 was a turning point in American history. Barack Obama was the first black president, however his campaign wasn't easy. In his journey to attain presidency, he face opposition from not only his opposing party, but also his own. However, he did have lots of support, and he was finally able to achieve his goal.

In the beginning of the text, we learn about Obama before his presidency, and before his campaign. It's interesting to see that he, in the face of media, hasn't really seemed to change. He's able to be assertive and lay the laws of the land without abusing his power, which I would say reflected in his presidency. Near the middle of the reading, it focused more on his campaign and his opponents, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. McCain was the Republican nominee for presidential candidate, and had been quite mocked during the election year. This book seems to make the election more lighthearted, but the analogies of McCain and the election are entertaining. The final pages of the book discuss Obama's reaction to the election results and an interview with him. What I found interesting in this section was how much his presidency affected the nation. I was very young when he was elected, so I didn't quite understand politics, but now that I look at the campaign from a developed, but not yet fully knowledgeable, stand point, it's amazing.

"'I don't want you guys freelancing and, quote, protecting me'"(Thomas 9).

"McCain had pictured himself as Luke Skywalker going up against the Death Star" (Thomas 32).

"[The Obama campaign spent] $20 million to win Texas and still lost, he ran through a list of mistakes with his staff..."I'm not yelling at you." He laughed" (Thomas 67-68).

"'It's been a long time coming,' Obama said in his victory speech in Chicago. 'but tonight...change has come to America'"(Thomas 98, 181).

"Obama was accepting the nomination of his party on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech" (Thomas 119).


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