The Harn By jOSEPH pUTU

Art and Core Values:

This picture makes me think of my core value of the importance of family. The mother and the baby smiling with the house in the background made me think about having a happy family. The photo made me miss my childhood with my family. It helps me to better appreciate my future family.

Design of the Museum:

The wing of the museum I liked the most was the one with the sculptures. The room was well lit, and the sculptures were far apart so you can have room to walk around it. The exhibit made me feel like I was really getting to know the person in the sculpture because I could see them and read the plaque to learn about them.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

The picture shows a large city from a different perspective than we normally would see it. Seeing this painting in person made me appreciate all the details more. The aerial technique of the artist made the city beautiful and interesting when seeing it from above. It made me feel like searching for things that I could recognize from above.

Art and the Good Life:

This painting shows the good life theme of working hard to achieve the good life. It shows the theme with two men working to try to provide for their family during a very tough time. It helped me to appreciate what we have now and how much easier it is to get the good life than it was back then.

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