Potassium by: logan harper

Atomic mass & Atomic Number

Potassium's atomic mass is 39.10 amu and the atomic number is 19.

Properties of Metals

Potassium is classified as a metal because it is soft and white with a silvery lustre, and has a low melting point.

Where is Potassium located?

Potassium is the eighth most abundant element on earth and comprises about 2.1% of the earths crust, and it is a very reactive element and is never found free in nature.

What is it used in on earth?

Potassium forms many in compounds, it is used in fertilizers, as a salt substitute and to produce other chemicals. Potassium is also used to make soaps, detergents, and drain cleaners.

What type of metal is Potassium?

The chemical symbol K comes from Kalium, the Medieval Latin for potash, which may have derived from the arabic word Qali, meaning alkali, Potassium is a soft, silvery-white metal, member of the alkali group of the periodic table.


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