Jim Crow Aidan oates

The Jim Crow era was a time when there was many laws that segregated whites and blacks. The laws prevented whites and blacks from using the same water fountains, going to the same schools, shopping in the same stores, and much more.


During the Jim Crow era many African Americans were excluded from the politics of by white politicians who believed that whites were inferior to black people and thought that they could make laws that limited African American rights.

Politics in the Jim Crow era affected the marriages between the whites and blacks. This is when 16 states passed laws that made interracial marriage a felony. One couple who got married in D.C. moved to Virginia where interracial marriage was considered a felony. They both were sentenced to 1 year in prison and were told to not come back to Virginia for 25 years.

In the south there were laws that made segregation legal in the south. This prohibited blacks from going into white restaurants, bathrooms, schools, and public places. If a black went into a white restaurant they weren't served, were kicked out, and sometimes were arrested.

African Americans were not allowed to go out after curfew. For uneducated blacks it was 9:00 PM and for educated blacks it was 10:00 PM. To stay out later they needed to have a special permit that allowed them to stay out after curfew. If they disobeyed the curfew they would be fined and that money would go to building a new teachers room for the white teachers


During the Jim Crow era Blacks were given bad jobs and when they were given good jobs they were not paid and treated the same as whites even though they might have done the same job.

The average salary for African Americans was almost always lower than the average salary of a white man. They could have done the same exact job, and the African American could even do the job better than the white man but because he's black he is not payed as well as the white guy.

Many African Americans who came out of slavery became sharecroppers to the people who they had previously worked for. They made little to no money doing this but had nothing else to do. The owner of the land would become richer, and the worker would slowly become more in debt to the owner of the land.
Depending on what race, religion, and national origin the order was would depend on if their job. If employers are choosing to give jobs to whites stead of blacks the white economy is getting richer, and the black economy is not growing at all.


In the south during Jim Crow society was divided because of segregation. African Americans couldn't go to the same restaurants and stores and use the same public spaces. This created almost two different societies in one city.

Because of segregation whites and blacks could not come together with one another because they weren't allowed in the same places. They could not work together and talk together without being criticized or yelled at. They essentially had two different societies in the same city.

Whites did not treat blacks as they were people. They dehumanized them and made them do all things they didn't want to do. They gave the blacks the worse jobs that they didn't want to do because they thought they shouldn't have the nicer jobs that whites had. They separated the two races by economic class which was not right.

The Klu Klux Klan terrorized blacks because of what they looked like not because of what they did. The Klan would put burning crosses in peoples yards and lynch blacks that stood up to them. The Klan was always trying to recruit more people to join the Klan. In turn blacks had to look out for these people which made them hesitant to be nice to whites.


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