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School to become a VETERINARIAN is 4 years. This is to earn your Doctorate in VETERINARY medicine. Classes include animal anatomy and physiology.You must have a medical license.

Career Duties...

The first type of vet that comes to mind for most people is the small animal vet. These vets may perform surgeries such as spaying,Neutering,fixing broken bones,treating wounds and geriatric care for older pets. However large animal vets care for animals such as livestock and HORSES. These vets typically travel. They can treat entire herds or just single animals.

Reasons to join this career...

There are so many reasons to join this VETERINARIAN Career. If you are worried about money, don't. the average salary for a vet is $88,490! Well if your wondering where you are going to work your in luck. According to The U.s bureau of Labor Statistics it is one of the the fastest growing careers. Also pet owners now are willing to spend more on their beloved animal. And Lastly, most people sit in their cubicle all day and wonder what their work is doing for society. You don't have to worry. Your job is helping millions of animals and not just them, their owners to. So it you are considering becoming a vet, i strongly suggest it.

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