Mountain View Adventist College term 1 week 2 newsletter

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome parents, students and friends to the academic year of 2018. I hope that you have been able to enjoy the Christmas break with family and friends.

Often over the Christmas break you have had opportunity to express gratitude to someone. “Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what you have — from a roof over your head to good health to people who care about you. When you acknowledge the goodness in your life, you begin to recognise that the source of that goodness most often lies outside yourself. In this way, gratitude helps you connect to something larger than your individual experience — whether to other people, nature, or a higher power. Christmas is especially a time when we might think about that Higher Power expressed through the life of Jesus.

Our vision for our College is that the attitude of Jesus will be in evidence in all that is experienced by the people associated with the College.

It is exciting to have you back with us this year. There are many events planned for this year and we want you to be part of them.

I would like to welcome all the new families to Mountain View Adventist College. We are happy that you chose our College as a place where you can watch your children grow into young adults. It is especially pleasing to greet and meet all those little people who have joined us for the first time in Prep and Kindy. I am sure you will appreciate the new building and the facilities found there.

Already the learning is in full swing. Some of the Kindy parents have visited with Sarah, the reading and Literacy consultant who has emphasised the importance of reading at home. All students need to read more so that their English skills improve to help them not only with Naplan, and the HSC, but all their lives.

The HSC students are into their second term of the course and will be facing their first round of examinations at the end of the term.

I would encourage you as parents to ensure that your children are at school on time and every day except in special circumstances. The best results in school are gained by the conscientious student who attends daily and is faithful in doing assignments and homework.

If you have any observations or questions please contact the school and we will endeavour to assist you.

Thank you again for your support and for giving us your children to educate and look after.

Tony Hay


The NSW Government has an initiative to get kids active. On 31st January 2018, parents, guardians and carers can apply for a $100 voucher per calendar year for each student enrolled in school. For more information click the "Active" button.



Takes place on the road up to the John Eastwood Hall. Last week each family who picks their child/ren up by car, were given a card with their surname and children’s names on it. This will enable the teachers on carline duty to identify the cars quickly and the students can be lined up in the pick up zones ready and waiting. There are five pick up zones. Students will be sent down to stand next to cone 1, cone 2, cone 3, cone 4 or cone 5. Each cone will have a teacher standing next to it, to make sure the students get into the car safely.

If you do not have a card and you pick up your child/ren up in carline, please contact Mrs. Kofeloa via email: Keryn.Kofeloa@mvac.adventist.edu.au

If you do have a card, please have it on the dashboard as you drive up the road and if the teacher with the mega phone is looking your way, please hold up the card, so it can easily be seen.

Middle and Senior School Parents, due to the middle and senior school finishing at 3:18pm, can you please arrive at around 3:30pm to pick up your child/ren, if you have also have a child in junior school, they will be waiting in the shade and called to the pick up zone with their older sibling when their car is sighted.

All students who travel by car in the afternoon must be picked up in carline, not at the front of the school. Only students who walk home in the afternoon are to be picked up at the front of the school.

Thank you for your patience in helping as make carline a smoother and safer process.

Year 7 Agriculture

Year 7 Agriculture planted their gardens this week. Lettuce, rocket, capsicum, cucumber, strawberries, spring onions, tomatoes, eggplant, radish, basil, parsley, and green beans were chosen by the students to plant in their gardens. Gardening is dirty work and some students were thankful they took the advice to bring old clothes for planting day. Students will be watering, weeding, and measuring the growth of their plants over the next 10 weeks. They are looking forward to the day they harvest the produce and enjoy a salad straight from the garden!

Blacktown Council Car Seat Initiative

As you will know children need to use an approved car seat until they are at least 7 years old. The recommendation is that they often need to stay in the carseat for longer to ensure that they are tall enough to fit an adult seatbelt properly. Blacktown Council is holding a free car seat checking day at Mount Druitt on Tuesday 20 Feb. This is especially relevant to children in K-2 however many older siblings are likely to have preschool siblings, and it would benefit them to attend this event.

Free AIS Parent Webinars

Australian Independant Schools are holding Parent Webinars. As parents/guardians their are many issues ranging from sleep for kids, to mental fitness for families, to Pornography and young children. If you wish to know more please click the "AIS" button.

Mountain View Messages

Year 7 Camp Crosslands

Year 7 Camp will be during February 14th – 16th week 3. All notes and forms were given on Wednesday 7th . The forms will include the permission note, medical information form, swimming ability form, consent forms from water skiing and high ropes. We are looking forward to this annual event and we hope that your child will too.

Junior School- Coles Sport for School 2018

If you shop at Coles, please collect the vouchers for sports equipment. For every $10 you spend at Coles, you will receive one voucher. At the moment we are in the middle of registration and once we get the voucher bin we will let you know and it will be placed in the office. This program will enable us to get much needed sport equipment the students can use at lunchtime and in PE and Sport Classes.

After School Sport

Years 1-6 please keep a look out for more information in the next newsletter.

Attention Year 2-4 Parents

If you have a child who is a competent swimmer and would like them to attend our school Year 2-12 Athletic Carnival on Tuesday, March 6th, please contact Mrs. Kofeloa via email:Keryn.Kofeloa@mvac.adventist.edu.au by 26th of February.

They need to be able to swim 25 metres of one of the following strokes unaided: breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle.

2018 Sport Message

Welcome to a new school year at Mountain View. My name is Matthew Jensen and I’m the Senior School Sport Coordinator (Yr 9-12). I share this role along with Mr Sam Lett, who is the Middle School Sports / Carnival Coordinator (Yr 5-8), and Mrs Kofeloa who is the Junior School Sports / Carnival Coordinator (Kindy to Yr 4). Please see below for some important information regarding participation, representative opportunities and safety requirements for Sport and Carnival events this year at Mountain View.

Uniform requirements for Sport

A FULL sports uniform comprises of the following items. (Please refer to the student handbook for further information on any of the following)

♦ Mountain View sports shirt

♦ Mountain View navy sports shorts or pants

♦ Appropriate shoes, i.e Runners designed for physical activity. Students who turn up in Rabens or Converse to school will be sent to the office. This is a safety issue as these shoes are not designed to support the foot during intense exercise.

♦ Students who participate in an outside sport activity must wear a hat.

♦ Students who are cold may wear the navy sports jacket or school jumper.

If your child does not have one or more of the above items parents/guardians must write a note explaining the incorrect uniform, which must be delivered to the appropriate teacher and office staff. Please ensure students are wearing an appropriate replacement. In some cases, students may be deemed unsafe to participate in sport even with a note explaining incorrect uniform, eg inappropriate shoes.

Parents please ensure your child has an up to date medical certificate, Action Plan and medication eg Asthma puffer. Please remind your child to inform the appropriate sport teacher of their medical condition/s.

Sport at Mountain View in 2018

There are many opportunities for your child to participate in sport and physical activity at Mountain View this year. For example

• Personal Development, Health and Physical Education classes, (PDHPE)

• Tuesday Afternoon Sport, (Yr 7-12)

• Interschool Sport Gala Days, (Yr 2-6 and Yr 7-12)

• Representative opportunities in a variety of sports Eg. Swim., Athletics etc

• House competitions

PE Classes

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) classes are based on a syllabus set by the Board of Studies NSW. This curriculum is designed to teach students about the importance of health and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle through various components. A major component of this is physical activity. Because of this, roughly half of the PDHPE classes will be practical skills such as fitness tests and developing sport based skills which can include, softball skills, athletic skills, touch football etc. The skill development in PDHPE often enhances the Tuesday afternoon sport and Gala Day Competitions in and outside of school.

Students are required to change out of their full school uniform into their PE uniform in the break before practical PE classes. Students should resume wearing their full school uniform at the end of the PDHPE class. For example, if the practical PE class is period 3, students will change at recess and change back to full school uniform at lunch. Students should not wear the sports uniform all day.

In Junior School (Yr 1-4) throughout term 1, students will be participating in a swimming program. This program is designed to provide students with increased confidence in and around water as well as learning important water safety behaviours to keep safe. Please contact Mrs Keryn Kofeloa (keryn.kofeloa@mvac.adventist.edu.au) if you have any questions regarding this program or other course units covered in Sport and or PDHPE classes in Junior School this year.

Yr 7-12 Tuesday Afternoon Sport (Period 5&6)

This is a non-curriculum based program that educates students on the importance of a balanced lifestyle, as well as building students’ self-esteem through a variety challenging physical activities. It also builds school culture through competitions against other local Christian schools and provides staff and students with an opportunity to build rapport outside of the classroom.

The Tuesday afternoon sport program is run for Yr 7-12. We combine these year levels for a number of reasons, the first of which being that our interschool sporting competitions against other Christian schools are based on a traditional 7-12 Secondary school structure. Students have the opportunity to select a sport option. There are three distinct categories of sport options for the students. ‘CSSA competition or training’, ‘sporting activities’ and ‘leisure activities’. It has been designed to encourage students of all abilities to engage and connect with one or more types of activities or sport.

The following information relates to the Tuesday afternoon sport program.

♦ The program runs every Tuesday afternoon during Period 5 & 6 (1:25pm – 3:18pm).

♦ All Yr 7-12 students are required to wear full sports uniform to and from school every Tuesday. Students participating in any outdoor sport must wear a hat.

♦ Each term is divided in two, known as a rotation. At the start of each rotation students may select a sport or leisure activity to participate in for 4-5weeks.

♦ Student selections are based on a preference system. Yr 12 select first then Yr 11 etc. Students in Yr 7 may not always get their first option because they are last on this preference system.

♦ Students who wish to compete in an interschool sporting competition must participate in the training sessions the term before. The only exception may be if a student is competing in another interschool sporting team while training is on.

♦ The training provides not only an opportunity for students to learn and develop skills and teamwork, but it is also used as a selection process for the teacher / coach running this interschool team.

This year for the first time Mountain View Adventist College will be running a Swimming Squad training program during term 1 Tuesday afternoon sport to provide a pathway to representative swimming. This program will run from 1:30 to 3pm at Blacktown Aquatic Centre by a qualified swimming coach. Please be aware this program is only for students who are already competent, confident and competitive swimmers over 50m in multiple events who need to develop and refine their stroke technique. This opportunity is open to any student from Yr 2 (8 yr olds) to Yr 12. If any parent is interested in their child being part of this Swim Squad program, please contact Mr Jensen via matthew.jensen@mvac.adventist.edu.au.

Interschool Sporting Gala Days

Throughout 2018, Mountain View students will have the opportunity to be part of a representative team in a variety of sports against local Christian schools such as Tyndale and Hills Adventist College as well as the Christian School Sporting Association (CSSA), however, not all students can be selected for these teams. Many of these competitions also provide a pathway for our students to represent the school in teams and as an individual at Zone and State level competitions.

Students will be competing within their genders within two distinct divisions, 15 year olds and under as well as 16 years plus, (Open division). The determining date for the age categories is the student’s age as of December 31, 2018. These competitions will be announced to the students and through the school Newsletters. Examples include the CSSA Western Metropolitan (Zone) State Volleyball Gala Day held in Term 1 or the CSSA State Oztag Gala Day. Please note many of these competitions can be moved or postponed due to poor weather. Eg. heat, cold or heavy rain.

Representative Opportunities in a variety of Sports

Mountain View is member of the Christian Schools Sporting Association (CSSA). Through this connection, Mountain View has the privilege of offering many representative opportunities. Students must be very competent in the sport or activity represented and can only be nominated by a Sports Coordinator. This provides a pathway through Combined Independent Schools (CIS), and then onto ‘All School’s’ representation. If your child/ren is playing representative Sport or activities outside of school in any sport, please feel free to contact the appropriate sports coordinator for any representative opportunities coming up this year.

House Competition

All students at Mountain View are divided up into four major House groups. They are Heath (Red), Greentree (Green), Cumberland (Blue) and Durag (Yellow). The House names are based on important historical connections to the original landowners and community. New students to Mountain View Adventist College this year will be placed into a house group and notified as soon as possible. Siblings will be placed in the same house group, however, cousins and close family friends may end up in a different house group. Please contact Mr Jensen if you have any queries regarding this process. (matthew.jensen@mvac.adventist.edu.au)

Throughout the year, students will represent their House Group in four main House Carnival Competitions. They include; Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and the most recent introduction of a Sporting Carnival. These carnivals provide an opportunity for students to display their skills and abilities in an environment of healthy competition and participation. The overall aim is for the house competition is to build closer connections between staff and students, to provide a representative pathway for talented and skilled students, and finally, build positive school culture.

Afterschool Sport

For the past 9 years, Mountain View Adventist College with the financial support of the Australian Sports Commission, has been running an Afterschool Sports program for primary students (Yr 1-6). This program will commence once again this year and information will be announced in upcoming school newsletters regarding the sports covered and which afternoon it is.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of Sport at Mountain View. Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, questions or you would like to support the school by providing coaching or equipment support. Thanks again for your support.

Mr Matthew Jensen

(Senior Sport and Carnival Coordinator – Yr 9 to 12)


Mr Sam Lett

(Middle School Sport and Carnival Coordinator – Yr 5 to 8)


Mrs Keryn Kofeloa

(Junior Sport and Carnival Coordinator – Kindy to Yr 4)


Homework Club

Homework club started Thursday 8th February this week from 3:30pm to 4:30 pm in S9 and will continue every Thursday during Term 1. Parents will need to organise their own children's transport from the school to their homes if their children are staying in school for the homework club.

Students who are interested to take advantage of this homework club have been given a letter to take home.

If you need further information, contact Mrs Vaovasa via email (mareta.vaovasa@mvac.adventist.edu.au) or school office on 9622 2424.

Information Nights

Year 11: Monday 19th February from 7pm-8pm. Look out for further information to come.

Year 10: Monday March 19th. Time yet to be set.

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