Gaming injuries & Fitness By Ethan,Lucas, and Aden

Fitness and Fun

Using Video Games for Fitness

"Physical activity falls into two main categories. Each affects the body in different ways. Aerobic exercise primarily works the cardiovascular system (the heart and blood vessels) and the lungs. Strength training, on the other hand, builds muscle mass. Playing motion-based video games involves, to a certain extent, both of these exercise groups."

The Wii or Wii U is the best gaming system to play if you want to lose weight, according to the National Post newspaper. Some games to get fit with are Just Dance, Active 2, Wii Fit, Get Fit with Mel B, and Zumba.

Elders Playing Video Games

Elderly people also play the Wii. Video games are not just for kids.

Elderly people play the Wii to get some energy, and also to have fun.

Playing the Wii or Wii U can be really fun!


Lots of people that play video games get carpal tunnel syndrome from pushing buttons all day, everyday.

"People who play a lot of video games may also develop this injury through constant flicking of the wrist and the pushing of controller buttons."

Theses are some pictures of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel is a really painful syndrome the effects the palm of your hand, and underneath your thumb. It makes it hand to grab and lift objects. Most people have to get surgery. You also might not be able to close your hand.


"Wii U and Video Game Fitness and Injuries." Digital Literacy, Rosen. Accessed Oct 31. 2016.


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