Putting out candles! BY: Maddie ;) Fizzy :) and nia :3

First, we sent a ball down a tube, which was an inclined plane. Then, it knocked into the dominoes, which are levers, which triggered another ball to go down another inclined plane(ramp). Then it knocked into a pvc pipe that spun, which was a lever, that triggered another ball to go down another inclined plane(ramp). Then it rolled across the floor, knocking into a golf ball that was tied to a wire, tied to a pulley (specifically first class). The golf ball was knocked out of the wire, making the wire go up, lowering the little cup on the other side upside down onto the flame and smothering it. Or, that's what it was supposed to do.

Step by step!

The process of making the Rube Goldberg machine was pretty difficult. And we had some glows, and some grows. Some of our glows were that many of the steps worked individually. At first, we had trouble getting the pvc pipe to spin perfectly to hit the ball in the right way. But then we figured out a way to make it work perfectly. We also aimed it so the ball rolled across the floor directly into the golf ball, to knock it out of the string that would release the cup that would smother the flame. Well, that’s what it was supposed to do. Actually, one of our grows was the fact that we couldn’t get the cup to fall directly onto the flame-no matter how many times we tried-which is what ended up costing us in the long run. Though the dominoes were a mess, (they flew everywhere when we triggered them) they successfully knocked the ball down the tube, into the pvc pipe, triggering the other ball to roll down another tube, roll across the floor PERFECTLY, knocking the golf ball out of the string, triggering the cup, and having it miss the candle. Such a shame to miss the flame.

We divided up the tasks evenly between people. Maddie ended up doing the pvc pipe, and setting up the ball that was triggered by it. Nia worked on setting up the dominoes, and the ball they would trigger. Fizzy worked on setting up the cup that would smother the flame, and placing the golf ball, which is why it failed so badly. We all checked over each other's work and placing at some point in time, but that was what each of us had handled for the most part.

Our Blueprint


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