H.P art1 portfolio

THe 7 Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Principles of Design
My goals are to go outside that why the leafs are there, the means to listen to more music, and the "live life happier" well it say what it means
We could not left our hands
We could not left our hands or look at what we where drawing
The skull that we had to shade
contour line drawings
gesture drawings
gesture drawings
4 boxes in one point perspective shaded
4 in 2 point perspective shaded
we where drawing and shading a manikin
2 Spheres with light from the top
2 cones with light from the right, 1 cylinder standing up and one lay down with light from the left
my ear features
my nose features
My lip features
My eyes
This is the volue sale
Pop Art
This is my mask, I will tell some of the meanings, the clouds are for the meaning of my name which mean a gift of God .
it was halloween when I did this
This an eland for the show that Ms . Burwell our art teacher
Marker Board Wash
Self Portrait Mockup
Transferred Graphite Image to Marker Board
Color Theory Layout
Final Self Portrait it is an analogous

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