Introducing the Uber for sending stuff to and from Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 EARN Money when you travel to Kenya and get a GUARANTEED 50% savings for sending documents & packages with us.

We are redefining courier services by providing affordable, timely, reliable and flexible international document and package delivery services.
"The more uncomfortable something is the more we know we are driving change."

By Harriet Green



Wherever you want to send....Whenever you want it delivered, we have the solution to connect you with someone who can carry your package securely to Nairobi, Kenya.

FAST: From the minute you decide to send a package to the time we deliver, it can be as quick as 24hrs between Toronto and Nairobi
LOW COST: Forget the monopoly from major couriers. Keep your hard earned money and pay 50% less.
RELIABLE: We go the extra mile to safeguard your delivery through screening, trust scores, real time tracking etc.
FLEXIBLE: We can hold delivery at the destination airport until your receiver is ready to pickup regardless of the size.
TRUSTED: Every traveller on our platform goes through rigorous identity authentication and trip validation before being matched with a sender.
Courier City Ubah is great. Very efficient and much cheaper. Just used it last week and I am grateful. Thank you.👏🏽👏🏽…

by Vivian, Toronto, Canada

Partner with us on your trip to Nairobi!

Earn great money to offset your trip costs. Make upto 50% of your air fare costs by offering your buggage space to a Courier City Sender.

  • Earn up to 50% of your flight ticket cost as a partner.
  • Deliver packages at our booth at your destination airport.
  • Carry as many packages as you can to maximize your earnings.
  • Get paid as soon as the receiver confirms receipt of the package.
01: The process begins once you purchase your flight ticket.
02: Once your ticket is issued and confirmed, visit our website to register your trip.
03: We will match you with a sender and they will pay for your services on our platform before the departure for your trip.
04: On date of departure you pick up the package from our booth at the airport and off you go. Upon arrival and delivery, you receive your payment within 24hrs.
...I was impressed by how I could easily identify your rep in Zimbabwe. He was right there waiting. I didn't have to look for him. That was very helpful. He was very courteous and friendly.

by Evis C., Toronto, Canada

Trust and security

Security is important to us. We go the extra mile to secure your package and safeguard our delivery partners.


  • Package insurance
  • Customer branded and sealed packaging
  • Screening and vetting of travel partners
  • Trust score system
  • Two-way rating
  • Trip verification before matching
  • 24/7 Support

Travel partner

  • Package security screening
  • Sender verification
  • Sender pre-payment before delivery
  • Two-way ratings
  • 24/7 Support
  • Airport pickup before take-off
  • Airport dropoff at destination

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