Georgia Colony Are you struggling? Don't worry, here in Georgia you can have a fresh start, plus its warm all year long who wouldn't want to live here!?

If your not into alcohol Georgia is the place for you! Plus if you really want to live life, without slaves doing it for you, well slaves are actually not allowed here in Georgia.
Our founder for Georgia is James Oglethorpe. Everyone where again given the opportunity to participate in governing after Georgia became a royal colony.
And you can have any religion you want because here in Georgia you are free to practice any religion except Catholic.RELIGIONS FREEDOM FOR most PEOPLE!
Slaves or alcohol was not allowed People had to work for hard everyday .We had religions tolerance to most religions
Fun fact:No one could own more than 50 acres of land The Georgia Colony was established 50 years after the other 12 colonies.The Georgia Colony, along with the other Southern Colonies, had the largest slave populations of all 13 colonies.The Georgia Colony was named after King George II of England, as specified by the king himself in the charter granting the colony.The Georgia Colony's original name was the Province of Georgia. By: Maddie,Cholee,and Anya

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