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Walk down the nutrition bar isle, it's crowded, colorful, confusing, and you're constantly doing it - looking for something that stands out, hungry for something different, and hoping for something better. From its conception nearly 10 years ago by brothers Kevin and Patrick Webber, Fourpoints® has always been about “better.” Four years after it's launch, the SLOW-BURN energy bar is disrupting the market with it's innovative approach to the category, bringing together the natural foods industry and outdoor industry, and making a real impact in the fight against diabetes and in conservation and public lands protection.

Company Profile

  • Fourpoints® (spelled all one word). The name comes from our "FOUR" goals in reverse engineering the energy bar, and the rooted nature of the number FOUR. FOUR seasons, FOUR elements, FOUR points of the compass.
  • Founded 2014
  • Denver, Colorado
  • The Team: Kevin Webber (Co-founder), Patrick Webber (Co-founder), Steve Shenfish, Jeff Kingsbury, Andrew Sidel
The Fourpoints® Team with Wilderness Photographer John Fielder at Outdoor Retailer/Snow Show ‘19.



fourpoints bar

Fourpoints® Real Food Slow-Burn Energy Bars are the first and ONLY bars powered by California Prunes and supported by high-quality Colorado Hemp Protein. Fourpoints bars balance proteins, fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates to create an energy bar with a low-glycemic load for long-sustained energy without the sugar-spikes and crashes which derail performance and healthy blood sugar.


Fourpoints® is the first and ONLY energy bar powered by California Prunes, giving them unrivaled taste and a low-glycemic load for unrivaled slow-burn energy.

“California Prunes bring the nutritional clout of macros (carbs and fiber), micros (vitamins and minerals) and phytos (polyphenols). They can be bone protective and gut effective in neat little bites with big taste delight. Additionally, California Prunes have a low glycemic index meaning a slower rise in blood sugar that increases satiety for longer to delay hunger during exercise. This makes them an ideal ingredient and energy source.” - Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN, Sports Dietitian, Kansas City Chiefs

Fourpoints + California Prunes

Fourpoints® Co-Founder Kevin Webber with Prune Grower Dan Martinez.

bigger & better

Fourpoints® is made from 100% real foods with absolutely no additives, preservatives, or added sugars. The combination of those low-glycemic natural sugars, high-quality hemp protein, and heart healthy fats from assorted nuts and seeds, makes for a bar that not only tastes like no other bar does, but functions like no other bar can. At 230 to 280 calories and a whopping 2.5 ounces, Fourpoints® is macronutrient dense and on average take 3-4 hours to digest providing 3-4 hours of long-lasting clean energy.

Fourpoints® comes in five unique flavors.


  • REI
  • Natural Grocers
  • King Soopers
  • Safeway
  • Lucky's Market
  • Tony's Market
  • Amazon Prime

Fourpoints® Real Food Energy Bar was born in the mountains of Colorado and crafted to deliver a slow burn fuel for your outdoor adventures, Wherever you play®. Where will you play though if our precious natural spaces continue to decline and disappear? Like many other western states, Colorado’s public lands & waters and outdoor recreation represent the lifeblood of our economy and lifestyle. These public lands are under attack and the health of our waters, forests, and wildlife are pushed closer to the brink every day. That’s why we’ve decided to pivot the focus of our Wherever You Play® tagline into a call to action.

Protect the Places You Play! #Whereveryouplay is a campaign to promote protecting our public lands & waters, wildlife, and recreational access.

It’s not only designed to elevate awareness, but to also provide an interactive platform for the outdoor recreationist to connect, take action, give back, volunteer, and become a public land protector. We aim to recruit other conservation minded businesses to join in and turn this campaign into a coalition, then a movement. These public lands are ours and the time is now! Visit the link below to learn more.


  • Access Fund
  • American Alpine Club
  • Conservation Colorado
  • Continental Divide Trail Coalition
  • Colorado Fourteener Initiative

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet recently introduced a bill that would protect hundreds of thousands of acres of lands that support Colorado's wildlife, recreation, and economy. Send a message to Senator Bennet for championing our public lands! Thank him and help support our efforts by signing our petition:




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marketing copy

Company Profile 900 characters or less

Fourpoints® is the premier manufacturer of performance minded real food products focused on providing a low-glycemic load for long-lasting, slow-burn energy for wherever you play®. Our target demographic is the active, health-conscious outdoor enthusiast. We aim to set a new standard in the nutrition/energy bar category by offering thoughtful innovative solutions to tired problems by creating products with a purpose - food with a function. Born at 14,000 feet and located in colorful Colorado, Fourpoints® bars can be found at select national retailers and the finest outdoor specialty stores in the country. Do you care about public lands? Follow us with #WHEREVERYOUPLAY and help us make a real impact to protect the places we play!

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Tired of sugar crashes derailing your performance? Featured in the 2017 Backpacker Gear Guide for "Slow Burn Energy," Colorado-based Fourpoints® crafts it's real food energy bars around a unique base of PRUNES with a low-glycemic load for long sustained energy without the crash! At roughly 250 calories, each 2.5 ounce bar is supported by high-quality hemp protein, rich in heart healthy fats, and high in fiber. Five unique flavors - [$3.29 per bar] fourpointsbar.com

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Made from low-glycemic super-foods and designed to offer hours of slow-burn energy without the sugar spike and crash; Colorado based Fourpoints® made the energy bar better than it has to be so you can perform better when you need to! The only PRUNE based bars on the market are available in five unique flavors to elevate your performance. - [$3.29 per bar] fourpointsbar.com

Contact us

Kevin Webber (Co-founder) - 303.589.6848 - kevin@fourpointsbar.com