CrossFit Two 2 Seven Shooting in Karlsruhe (Germany)

I recently did a shooting in the local CrossFit Box in Karlsruhe, CrossFit Two 2 Seven. The owners planned to setup a new website and needed a couple of - hopefully - professional looking shots.

After a first meeting to understand their needs, we had a trial session to get familiar with the location and the light there.

The team consists of fourteen coaches and the website should contain some similar looking portrait photos. Their first idea was to use a white wall as background, but I suggested to use the blue pillars in the room in combination with the blurred neon lights in the back. This gives the shots some feeling of depth.

Coach Laura posing for portrait
Coach Felix flexing

While shots with muscular, shirtless guys and fit women might be pretty from a photographers perspectives, the photos for the website should contain groups of "normal" people since this is the main a target group of the box.

To shoot a group of people on assault bikes turned out to be more complicated than assumed. In fact there are a lot a options from portrait-like shots with blurry background to (super) wide-angel to catch the whole group. There is also a limited time for the shots, otherwise the models get tired...

Mick, one of the owners, had the great idea to take a shot "from above" while athletes are doing wall balls. So I grabbed my super wide-angle lens and climbed a ladder leaned on one of the pillars...

Since the coaches play a central role in the concept of the box, the photos should illustrate the "coaching" itself. In this shot, coach Felix is in front the two athletes to give them instructions while they are lifting.

All in all, the box is a pretty cool location for photo shootings. Beside the pretty blue pillar in the hall, the front wall consists mainly of "panorama style" windows so there is sufficient light. In addition, there is no direct sunlight, so it's great soft light. I tried some test shots with studio flash, but due to lake of time and equipment, all shots are with natural light.

The last shot is a handstand walk performed by two male athletes. The deep perspective adds dynamics to the picture supported by the (slightly by post processing increased) back light.

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