The Girraffe's Life in the Savannah

What is the tallest animal on earth? If you think a giraffe you are correct. Giraffes are 19ft.(5.8m) tall. Giraffes are also great runners. In addition their babies are very amazing because they walk in an hour or two. Giraffes also have many adaptations to survive.

How fast giraffes run is very amazing. Giraffes can run up to 37 miles per our (60 kilograms per our) to escape from danger. If a species try's to hurt a giraffe it uses its long neck to keep away from danger. To practice fighting they fight with there mom because if they are in danger they can use there skills. When the predator tries to kill the giraffe the mom hides the baby, so it won't die and so it can stay safe. There are manny reasons why giraffes run fast but most importantly keeps them safe from danger.

Giraffes are built in an amazing way to help them adapt to there environment. Did you know Giraffes can consume to drank 12 gallons of water at one time from a water hole. Also giraffes use there long necks to adapt there lifecycle. Giraffes need 75 pounds a day of leaves. There long neck allow them to feed necks among treetops and trees.

Giraffes are one of the coolest animals on earth. They can run incredibly fast. There is no animal that is taller than a giraffe. Can you believe the babies of a giraffe can walk in less than an hour of being born? Giraffes are amazing creatures.

Giraffes characteristics about there young. Did you know there young can walk less than an our. Also a our or two there moms can drop them from 8 feet tall. Also giraffes are the tallest mammal in the world. Wow they are so tall.d


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