Nighttime When the sun goes down its time for the camera

Point the camera north at Polaris, keep it open for awhile and star circles will appear. The landscape lights up in beautiful tones and hues when the sun goes down. Temperatures and saturation are changed when dark emerges.

Made from 11 light frames (captured with a Canon camera) by Starry Landscape Stacker 1.6.1. Algorithm: Median

Our galaxy from Lake Placid NY

Viva Cuba! The rhythms and melodies of Havana compelled mylens hour after hour. Takiing photos by day and night, I tried to capture the music of the city. distilling it to a visual essence.
On the main plaza Havana at midnight. Thats mom and her son.
Vinales, Cuba
At 4am I wasn't sleeping so why not grab the camera and see whats on the streets of Havana. The girls were kind enough to want to help me. I took them up on their offer and asked them to pose.

The road hadn't been fixed in decades but President Obama was due to arrive shortly. It was done in just days.

The famous boulevard Malecon in Havana

A wonderful reward for being a poor sleeper is nighttime photography.

Created By
Andrew Goldberg

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