Pre-primary Scribbles Sept 8th - 11th

Welcome back Schoolhouse Families to the first week of school. It was nice to see so many familiar faces, and a big welcome to the new families.

Children are starting to settle in their classrooms. They are learning their classroom routines with emphasis on maintaining safe distance, keeping their masks on , washing hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

Ezra with his mask on.

Children are discovering new friendships and reconnecting with friends from last school year.

Lunch Time
Children enjoying lunch
Lunch Time
Evan working on a maze that he made with the Red Rods
Owen practicing on his cutting skills
Emma working with math material
Luca practicing his cutting skills.
Agamjot busy working with the Metal Insets.
Hayden working on her sounds.

We have been emphasizing on Classroom Rules. We spoke about working on their own rugs, walking around rugs, raising hands in the event they want to tell something to the teacher, using soft voices inside the classroom.

Finnley walking around his rug

It was a happy first week of school for all friends and staff!


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