How intelligent are birds?

Quite smart. They can process thoughts better than a Human 2 year old and do skills a 5 year old couldn't do.

Some birds can even solve math problems, define objects, and even have conversations. Though this has been only closely in one bird in particular it's expected multiple birds are capable of doing this.

This bird in particular was named Alex. And studied/owned by the scientist Irene Pepperburg, a scientist that studies in Harvard.

Meet Pepperburg hear as she talks about her book called Alex and Me where she talks in detail about Alex's intelligence. Sadly though he dies shortly before the book was published.

Though we know an evergrowing amount on the intelligence of birds their is still a whole bunch we don't know.

Though Pepperburg continues her expiriments in America most of the research other scientists do on birds is based out of Europe.

In conclusion birds are much smarter than most expected before people began these experiments.



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