Getting A Chocolate Shop By: Aidan

Owning a family business is hard my Mom almost always comes home at dinner time and then is really tired. I know everyone’s gonna say well my mom is tired when she comes from work too. But my Mom has problems with her arm and makes chocolate which you need to use your hands in that kind of work. But my mom also works from 9:30-5:30 which isn’t good for her arm. My Mom also could have to get reconstructive surgery. Because my mom has something called tendonitis which if she keeps working this hard her tendon in her right arm could tear in half which it hurts as much as it sounds like it hurts. And I don’t see my dad for a long time either. I see him for like 4-5 hours a day he comes home at 6:30 and then gets dinner goe in his room comes out puts my sister to bed and then he goes to bed. So I don’t get to hang out with my dad a whole lot. But there are still times occasionally we hang out. But there are also good things about it. Like getting to see people especially kids smile when they eat the chocolate. And you get to work with amazing people. Also interact with people and the community. It’s our driving force to get out there get talked about and just work with the community that is why we do what we do

This is my parents and the original owners

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