Big Nate Jaden Cloward

Nate Wright is the only child in the family of his parents and he goes to school and draw cartoons and his teacher Mrs Goffery and she is rude to him and he goes to Detation and he plays basketball and baseball and Gina the girl is rude to him and his locker with cool things like ice cream and other things and mrs goffery gets mad at him and says oh how i hate her in his head and sometimes go to the anucoments and say silly things like he needs a girlfriend and on prank day him and his freinds do pranks and his friends are Francies And teddy and they are really good best friends and they always come in hang out and they laugh and draw things and they like each other things and they talk in the hallways about things and they talk about girls and nate likes to sell things at school to get money and he does art and his teacher name is MR Rosa and he talk about mrs goffery to him about mrs goffery does to him like gets mad at him and takes him to detetion and he gets mad and this gina is very smart and he talks about her to his friends and at luch they hang out with each other and nate like these chips and he brings a dolar to school and buy them and he sneaks on the acuoments and he says funny things and the prinacpal gets mad and his locker is a big disater and he wrote to the prinacpal when can we have a fire drill and this boy name marcas his a bully and he beats up nate and nate had to go to his locker find the homework and nate had to clean up the locker and the summer time they run into mrs goffery and nate is like ahhhhhhhhh and one day nate first day of school he thought that mes goffery move and he was glad the she was gone and then they were at school went to her class nate was like NO and then after the class he could wish that he could die and they go shopping for stuff before on the first day of school and they being practeing basket ball and his dad make him play catch and gets mad at it and he does any way and he made a emeragcay about the homework and mrs goffery called and he said there was not a emergracy and his dad gets mad at nate for not doing his homework and nate does not like to go to chruch and nate had to go but he said pass it to me and they did so it and his suit got muddy and his dad gets mad so he never went to church and then suddenly on the last day of school he had to clean up his locker and so then does serivce to some people and they mode the lawn and they are in scouts I will show you some pictures of these characters

Mrs Godfrey is nate teacher and she put a letter to his dad that he went to summer school and she gives nate a deation
Principal Nichols Is the Principal at nate school and nate goes down to moring anoucemts and does some jokes.
Nate Wright goes to school and he loves to sell things and and he like to get money and he goes to Detention and draws some cartoons and some notes and he likes to play sports
Teddy is one of his nate best friends and he likes to do prank day and they like to talk to eah other
Francis is one of nate best friends they like to laugh and they like to play shorts and they like to play football.

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