Journey Log Eight madison fitzgibbon - madisonfitz11 - section 41 - warrior

Habits of mind used: Responsibility & Openess

In the next few weeks, the semester will be coming to an end which means this class will also be ending. It gives me relief knowing I won't have to stress about a class that has little relation to my major which is marketing. It also gives me relief knowing I won't have to worry about playing Minecraft which quite frankly will be the death of me this semester. That game that looks like it belongs in the 90's is probably the most challenging yet simplest thing I have to do all semester. I know that I am going to delay playing Minecraft for as long as I can, but I will take full responsibility for that and pay the consequences I create for myself. I do not and never will fully understand how to play this game and I have just simply accepted that.

When I found this picture, the word process stuck out to me. This is mainly because you usually emphasize the writing process and its importance, hence why we play Minecraft. I understand that the process is an enormous part of writing and understanding the English language but I refuse to accept that the game Minecraft itself helps facilitate this understanding. There is a term that is not very common, but has a lot of meaning to me. That is dog tras. And yes, tras is supposed to be spelt like that. Dog tras can hold a lot of meaning, but its main definition is something that has no meaning or worth to you. It is almost the equivalent of bullshit. Useless, unnecessary, no purpose whatsoever. When I think of the phrase dog tras, Minecraft instantly comes to mind almost every time. I tried to remain open to the idea of playing video games in a general education English class, but I simply cannot wrap my head around it. I tried considering this as a new way of learning, but I feel as if I cannot get anything out of this game. It confuses me, frustrates me, and makes me want to throw my computer against a brick wall seventeen times. Therefore, Minecraft is dog tras.

I was very relieved when you told us that you were experiencing problems with Minecraft and CCIT because I thought you would change our last projects we have to do, but once it was fixed I went right back to being stressed out. Minecraft makes no sense to me and it never will. I used a picture of a pencil driven by ideas because that to me is an accurate representation of what writing should be. Not making bizarre looking houses and what not in a virtual video game. I take full responsibility for not understanding Minecraft and will accept the awful and shitty houses I am going to build. I hope that my process of building them will make up for the lack of experience I have in this game. Being open to Minecraft was such a challenge for me and I just could not comprehend it. One big thing that I am happy about is that the research paper is done with. I was so relieved to be done until I realized I had to go back and emphasize certain words or phrases using different colors and fonts. I always try and think of what I would hate more, playing Minecraft of writing a research paper. I honestly cannot decide. They are both the worst things possible so the decision is still unclear which i would choose. Sorry for making every journey log a rant about your class, but I really need to let it out in some form so I find these fitting.

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