Segregation V.S Desegregation (school & society)

Whats the difference between segregation and desegregation? Segregation is splitting things/people up in to seprate groups. Desegregation is where all people black or white (other races) come together as a community.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Who? Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, George C. Wallace, viola liuzzo, James Meredith, And many more. They all played an important role in the civil rights act.

A group of African Americans and some whites protesting and traveling

Where? Pretty much in all of the states had Segregation V.S Desegregation problems.

When? Segregation started in 1896 then desegregation in 1954 still going on today

Why? segregation was a system derived from the efforts of white Americans to keep African Americans by denying them there equal rights

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