Emphysema slowly damages/destroys the air sack which progressively makes you short of breath. causing old air to get trapped stopping new fresh air from going in.

Causes of Emphysema is, smoking, marijuana smoking, air pollution, malfunction fumes, and rarely inherently deficiency of protein. with smoking the leading cause.

Signs and Symptoms are short breath, cannot do any of you normal activities, fingernails and/or lips turn blueish gray and finally you are not mentally alert.

Bronchodilators, Inhale steroids, pluminary rehabilitation, Nutrition therapy, Supplemental oxygen, lung volume surgery, are some of the treatments that will help manage emphysema and finally a lung transplant if all else fails.

Their is a way to prevent you self from getting emphysema is to avoid smoking, you should also be aware of indoor pollution. including steam and electrical fires.

If you have emphysema you cannot be sure that you have it till it takes effect. Even thought this is no cure, you can treat it so you can help manage the disease.


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