Dr. Josef Mengele angel of death

Dr. Josef Mengele was a physician and an officer at the Auschwitz concentration camps. He was born on March 16,1911. He is the oldest of three sons and studied philosophy and Munich. Then he studied medicine at Frankfurt. University. He joined the Nazi party in 1937, then in 1938 he went to the SS.
Dr. Mengele did many experiments on the prisoners in the camps. He would do things like putting people in pressure chambers, ice baths, blood transfusions, sex changes, the removal and replacement of organs, and many more horrible things. He also did experiments with twins. Chloroform would be injected in the hearts of pregnant women and twins would be born. This caused many twins to be born, but almost every single twin died.
Women and children were typically killed when they arrived. Hitler decided that the easiest way to exterminate the Minorities was to kill the women, especially the pregnant women. Women would try to hide their pregnancies from the Nazis as much as they could because they knew that if the Nazis found out, they would be killed. The children were either gassed or shot when they entered these camps. Even if they were of perfect health. these children were killed for no absolute reason; except for the fact that one very influential person said that these people had to be killed.
Mengele was a very intelligent man, according to the Nazi soldiers that is. He actually found a way to cure the lice problem in the concentration camps. Gas chambers. He burned 750 women to try and solve the lice epidemic. Then just to play with this '"Angel Of Death" image he would draw a line that would be about 5 feet off the ground, if the children were shorter than this they would be sent to the gas chamber.This man was only 32 and killing 1000's at a time.
Prior to Mengele involvement in the Nazi party, Mengele published many articles about genetic abnormalities. Thus him being so interested in the prisoners. He was able to do his experiments that he could have never done to another German or human for that matter. In the time that Mengele killed over 400,000 minorities. After the war it is suspected that he fled to South America where he met Wolfgang Gerhard. It is also thought that he took Gerhard's identity to avoid persecution for his actions.
Twins were also sewed together to create Siamese twins. Each time this was done the children died. Majority was of because of infection and the fact that the veins could not circulate the blood through both hearts. Mengele was mainly interested in if having twins was inheritable and if the twins were connected in more ways than just genetics.
Other than sewing twin babies together, Mengele would starve the babies to see how long it would take for the children to die. It took on average just eight days to kill these helpless children. This was also another reason why some mother's were allowed to give birth to their children. When these experiments were done if the "patient" was not dead when the experiment was over the mother would be told to kill her own child so she could llive, only to die in a gas chamber a few days later.
Mengele would also inject colored dye into the eyes of children to see if it would change their eye color. He tried to see if he could make the Jews have more "Aryan" features. He knew that these features would not be able to be passed onto future generations, but he just did it to do it and it resulted in death of the "patients".






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