Alexander The Great was a king of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander succeeded his father, Philip II, to the throne at the age of twenty.He was undefeated in battle and is widely considered one of history's most successful military commanders.[3]

He then set his sights on the Persian Empire, where he led his army undefeated through Asia Minor.Alexander proceeded to lead his army across more than 17,700 km of land, founding 70 cities and remaining undefeated in battle. He inspired fierce loyalty in his men, and is generally considered one of the greatest generals to have ever lived.

Alexander The Great in braced different cultures and accepted them.He encouraged his men to marry women from different regions.He made a culture up something similar to Greeks but more freedom for women .

He was only 20 yrs of age when he became king as soon as he became king he took after his father who in recent years took over and invaded other city-states so Alexander wanted to continue his father doing's so he went out and conquered many city-states.

One of Alexander famous quotes

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