Common Exhibit #3

Three studying techniques used:

1. Studying outside of my room more.

2. Online flashcards / memory games.

3. Practice and self testing.

Studying Outside of My Room:

For the first technique, I am trying to study outside my room more. Sometimes I think I get distracted too easily in my room so I tried going downstairs in my apartment's living room to study. I did this over the course of three days for several hours each to see if that would effect my studying habits on my accounting test.

I had a table to write on instead of a bed, I had a more open area so it felt more like a classroom than in my room, and I didn't easily get distracted from my phone because I left it upstairs while I was working. It gave me more of a feel of seriousness of the homework, as if it were the test. I believe that I retained for information as well from the lack of distractions.

Thanks to this technique, I did better on my accounting test than I did on my first test. I think that getting out of my room helped me focus better, helped me feel more urgent about studying, and was able to feel more confident on my test.

Online Flashcards / Memory Games:!&parentId=174538322

The second technique I used was a flash card / memory game online. I created flashcards online in order to test myself with terms of my communications tests. I normally don't do well on tests with a lot of new terms. I did this technique in order to test / quiz and see how much better I would do.

I went online and used Cenage, Mind Trap for information I needed. From there I created my own online flash cards and wrote down all of the terms of the chapters I needed to study for my test. I found myself able to remember certain words better and other that just would not stick to my memory for some reason. Afterwards I wrote down the definitions of the words I was having trouble with several times and it helped me remember.

Overall, the flash cards / online memory game experience did help me memorized certain words better. However, on my test I got the exact same grade as I did on my previous communications test. I am not sure though if I would use it again simply because setting up the flash cards, writing them all out again, and spending more time going through them all was very time consuming. Also, if this technique is so much more time consuming but produces the same result, I might as well try a different technique next time I try to test my memory.

Practice and Self-Testing:

I always tell myself to practice questions more and to try to push myself to see how well I know it, but I find I have a bad habit of just doing the bare minimum.

For this technique, I tried to put more effort in practicing example problems that my teacher gave me before the quiz. For my econ quiz, I did a worksheet review for homework, looked over the notes, and redid some of the practice problems given in class, by myself. Specifically, I would do equilibrium problems and compare demand and supply graphs.

I felt that this technique was the most effective due to the fact that I felt like I did really well on my quiz and walked out confident. I also felt that I remembered the material better. This has influenced me to want to try to use that extra effort and put it into more practice.


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