Bombs Away By The Police

Zenyatta Mondatta

1980 | Rock

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“Bombs away but we're okay. -- Bombs away in old Bombay."


  • Zenyatta Mondatta hit #5 on the Billboard 200 chart and #9 on The Pop Chart.
  • Bombs Away is one of two songs on the album written by drummer Stewart Copeland and not Sting.
  • The band wanted to record the album at Surrey Sound, but could not record at a British studio for tax reasons.


Luke Tatum

How perverse! Wage a war from the comfort of the Oval Office, worry about the bills later. Makes me sick. (But the song sure is catchy.) To me, this is about always wanting what you can't have. The powered military establishment in the US thinks fondly of the girl who resists fruitlessly in some faraway land. When you can march your armies into any country and raze it to the ground, not much is beyond you. But of course, what is just outside your reach is what you always want. Pay off your car and want to get a newer one. Roll your equity into another mortgage. This principle is true for individuals, but is even more true when the limits on spending are lifted by the dark magicks of the wizards at the Federal Reserve.

Sherry Voluntary

This song reminds me of that old saying’ “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” In the case of political regimes, that is certainly true. Democrats get elected and Democrats are happy that “finally we can make a change.” Republicans are elected and Republicans are happy that “ finally we can make a change.” And the wheel turns and we are still subjugated to The State. My answer for this? To quote another police song, “There is no political solution / To our troubled evolution / Have no faith in constitutions / There is no bloody revolution.” The revolution will truly be when people change their minds that they need someone else to tell them what to do and keep them safe.

Nicky P

Why, oh why can't people just stay the hell out of Afghanistan? As old as this song is and nations were still mucking about in and fighting their battles in this poor farming nation. That little note out of the way, this is an interesting song about the humans that find themselves in different places in society. IF we could just stay out of unnecessary wars for power perhaps people could live for their more human desires. The important characters in this song are a young girl and a general of the other side. Perhaps in a different world they mind find love in the arms of the other and live lives more to their tastes but unfortunately war tends to take over societies and every element of the society over time tends to support the societal culture of war. War destroys societies. It's terrible for economies and the people and in the end consumes everything a people has both material and human.

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Nicky P