Value,Emphasis,Unity Makayla mcintyre

My artwork is my name (Makayla) in bubble letters. Then I saw Kira using tissue paper so I thought it looked cool, so I did it. The title of my project is the colorful rainbow. the principles that i used were Value, Emphasis, and Unity. I created my artwork by drawing my name in bubble letters. Then, i got the tissue paper and the way you do the tissue paper is you get a paint brush with water and soak the tissue paper.. Then peal it off. Then i splatter painted. Kira inspired my artwork because I saw her using the tissue paper. it makes me sad because it reminds me of Sophia because she was always bright and colorful. My goal as an artist is to create work that i can explain to people. I think i could have made a better project that shows some deeper emotions. By watching Kira I learned how to make colorful rain look nice by using tissue paper. I think my project is okay but can have way more improvements. It will inspire my other projects by the emotion put into my project.

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