Californian Power by Greta Maneker

In California, attempts are being made to further improve solar energy. Due to the many hours of sunshine in the state, the California power grid has an excess of power during the day, but a shortage when the sun sets. To combat this, battery "plants" are being set up to store the excess energy from the day and then release it into the grid at night. The largest battery plant has just been revealed in Southern California, powered by Tesla batteries.

“California is looking to the future, where this would start a cycle where storage becomes cheaper all the time...In the long run, they would have less need — and maybe no need — for new natural gas generation.” said Swami Venkataraman, a senior vice president at an investment company who analyzes the Californian utility sector.

One of the leading battery plants is that of Tesla, the luxury electric car company owned by Elon Musk. His vision for the company is to turn it into a leading clean-energy company, and this is the first step to succeeding. Battery storage of energy is more accessible than building natural gas plants for California, which has very strict regulations on where a plant can be built. Battery storage is also more environmentally friendly and simply aids the solar energy that Californians have already invested in. It is believed that battery storage installations will become more viable in the coming years.

Tesla batteries at the plant.

This article is noteworthy because it shows a new development to the renewable energy market. In order to solve California's power crisis, the State is moving away from natural gas and nuclear energy and shifting to solar and wind power. This is leading to a need for the industry to innovate and accommodate the massive amount of energy used among Californians. The battery plants are the next step to effective, sustainable energy.

I chose this article because I found it so interesting that a luxury company is moving into the utility sector. I believe that this exemplifies a crossover that could benefit the country and the world in years to come. By using Tesla to aid in public energy, Elon Musk is signaling an emphasis on sustainability rather than just profit.


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